Sunday, January 8, 2012

New In WoW ( Part 2 )

   This post is going to be a direct continuation from the First Part. In the first part i basically covered the start up to like level 15 and only pretty much covered the bare basics. Well in this continuation we are going to take a look at how we can start off making gold while we are leveling in the levels past 15 and what we should do. As an idea of what to expect here's a few guide lines for this post.

  • TSM, install and setup
  • Choose a right market to get into with the resources you have
  • Choose professions
  • Get your feet wet in the AH
   So lets get started with section then shell we.

   As we get to Orgrimmar ( i got there at level 15 but you might get there earlier ) we get to make a few purchases and meet a few people that will help us on our journey to awesomeness.

   One thing before we start going on and on about selling and buying though, you are going to need to download the addon that will be your bread and butter when it comes down to all things related to posting and cancelling all your auctions, and yes i am talking about TSM. I was going to put a direct link to download it but decided it would be a better idea if you actually downloaded the Curse client and then find it from there. If you still don't know what the Curse Client is you can download it straight from the Curse Gaming site.
   Now i'm guessing you already downloaded the TSM ( Trade Skill Master ) and now what you need to do is configure it, or at the very least know how to configure it. Now i could go on and on about how to do it, but hey i have done it before so why not check it out in the TSM Explained post.

   Now considering that you chose to read the TSM Explained post and you now know the basics of the addon, this is what mine looks like once i got into Orgrimmar. 

   As you can see i have two categories, and in those two categories i have made a few groups. The first one being Pets, so that means i got into the pet selling market right away. If you are wondering where i got those pets from, well then you might want to read up on two of my previous posts; Got no professions but need gold, step right up, as well as Selling the Obvious
   After reading those two posts you can see why i chose to make those three groups, as in them i have put all the pets and items i could buy off a vendor in Orgrimmar and put them on the AH straight away.

   The image on the left is the state of my gold purse after making my post last night before going to bed. I managed to sell 2 Blacksmith Hammer and 2 Mining Picks as well as some cloth. But needless to say, i made some gold by selling vendor items.

   Another thing you might want to do while in Orgrimmar if you haven't done so already is pick up some professions. If you are new in WoW or the server it's not a bad idea to pick up gathering professions, as they can get your some easy starting capital. Though if you want to get a jump start at the gold making, and get some quick gold you can take up the secondary professions cooking and fishing. The reason why i'm saying this is a good way to make a fast buck is the Savory Deviate Delight which is a quick seller and always a good source of income for new players. If you want to read up on the matter check out The Old Man And The Sea post which pretty much covers everything there is to know.  

   So as it is now you have TSM installed, you have made a few additions in the Categories/Groups field and you have a few auctions up on the AH. Even though it might not sound like it's a lot, you have a firm base on which you will continue to build and eventually will make you tons of gold.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. Nice pair of posts so far, helping the new folks is an admirable thing to do and educating them to be self sufficient makes them better players too.

    A tip I'd like to add is when you arrive in your faction city shout in /2 "Would like to sell 'x' for 'y' so I can buy some bags". Where 'x' is your item and 'y' the cost of a Netherweave Bag on the AH.

    I have used this several times on new realms and found some friendly folks who will buy your items and on 2 occasions had people give me the bags. also if you see such enterprising people I'd recommend helping them out just to proove not all players are douches.

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