Saturday, January 28, 2012

Profiting With Alchemy

   One of my preferred ways of making my sales has always been to use advertisement. The trick to doing this is actually that you need to get into a market that has a fast moving product, and the sales you do are cheap but numerous. Just so it's more clear as to what i mean when i'm talking about a fast moving product, think about the Mysterious Fortune Cookies. But seeing as this is a post that is more about Alchemy, and less about Inscription, i give to you the Potion of Illusion.

   In case you have heard, or used these potions you know that their ability to offer some amusement is very good, but in case you have never heard or seen these potions then the quick explanation would be that they are a appearance altering potion. What this means is that when you drink one of these potions you can look like someone else.
   If you look up on the image above i have made a comparation of how the potion looks like when used on different characters. On the first image you can see that my character is a Tauren, then on the second one i stepped next to a warlock and drank a potion and ended up looking just like him, then i did it next to a person that had eaten one of the Savory Deviate Delight that makes you look like a ninja or a pirate, and i copied his appearance. And on the last one i even copied the appearance of a troll druid in his flight form and i became a walking bat, hmm one might say i became a Batman .. or a Batcow.

   Ok so now that you know what this potion does i am sure you can see the possibility this potion offers. As we said the cool factor of this potion is high, so if you put a good price on it and then do some advertisement you end up with loads of gold in your pockets. Best thing about these potions is their crafting cost, they only require 1 Azshara's Veil and 3 Volatile Life so basically they cost next to nothing. When selling these though it's a good idea to put them in stacks of 1's and 5's, i have put them in 20's as well but haven't had as much sales as in the 1's and 5's stacks. As for the prices i have sold mine for anywhere in the 15-40g per one price range.

   As i said in the beginning the good thing about this item is you can use  advertisement to help your sales. What you are going is that you are telling people what the item is, and why they should buy it. As you can see on the image that is the macro that i use, and i have had some good success with it. Now you can take what you learned and go hit the auction house, or you can make one more macro that would be a followup to the first macro. That followup macro is the one i use when someone makes a positive remark about how the macro is composed and they like it. As you can see i take the compliment, then i swing it around and make it so that i 

end up further advertising my product, and with that convincing even more people to buy my potions.

   So i see no point in further breaking it down as it is fairly simple, yet very profitable venture to get into doing. And as the icing on the cake is the finishing touch, i leave you all with another video in which you can see how this whole sale process is going. ( I know i am not the best YouTuber out there but i will try to make more and better videos in the near future )

   A fast recap of this post would be Make the potions, bark the macro, get the gold.
   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. If you do use the potion when someone is in the mount form of the legendary staff you will also look like the mount :)

    pretty awesome.

  2. The possibilities are truly endless, hence if you can get people to think like that your profits are going to be endless as well :)