Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Farming Infinite Dust

   It is a common knowledge that most of the professions in the game are made so that they can compliment each others, well to be honest Blizzard are kinda leaning away from that model as they are trying to make each profession as independent as possible but this is not the point here. Anyone that has leveled enchanting in the past, or is maybe leveling an enchanter now knows that it is a rather expensive profession to level and especially when you get to the Northrend level of materials and you get to be in very short supply of Infinite Dust.

   There are a few ways to go about the acquisition of Infinite Dust, but by far the most profitable way is by mixing up the two top end professions, Jewelcrafting and Enchanting.

   The way to actually farm Infinite Dust from Jewelcrafting is very simple, heck it's the predecessor of today's Obsidium/Elementium Ore Shuffle, but to be more precise you are going to be making rings and necklaces yet again. You will need 4 resources which happen to be very cheap, and the best part is you can buy them straight from the AH for almost next to nothing for most of the time.

   The resources that i am talking about are the common gems that you get when you prospect the Northrend equivalent ore, and those are the Chalcedony, Bloodstone, Sun Crystal and Huge Citrine. If you check your auction house you will notice that most of the time they are moving for abysmally low prices of some times being as low as 2g per gem. After you have obtained the gems you need to get some Eternal Earth that you can shatter so you end up with the Crystallyzed Earth that you will need as well.

   So now that you have purchased the said gems and Eternal Earth what do you do that will be worth calling it Infinite Dust Farming ? Well you take those and you make them into Bloodstone Bands, Crystal Chalcedony Amulet, Crystal Citrine Necklace and Sun Rock Ring. After making these you need to ship them off to your Enchanter to do his disenchanting and you end up with your cheap supply of Infinite Dust. And another thing is that when you are disenchanting these you might end up with Lesser Cosmic Essences that you can sell or use as well. 

   Just so you get the idea on how important your stock is going to be to anyone leveling enchanting, to level past the threshold you will need 600x Infinite Dust and 30x Greater Cosmic Essences that you will get by combining the Lesser Cosmic Essences, and this is for a single guy alone. So you can see that the demand for this is rather high and the supply is always low.

   In a future post i will give you an idea of how to further improve on the profit margin by investing some more time into the enchanting part of the whole deal, but for now i will leave it at this.

  So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

   P.S. If you do get in this market you might want to check the prices of the Abyss Crystals so you can shatter them and obtain some more Infinite Dust and Essences. ( Kudos for the last P.S. addition goes to @Yngvede for noticing it and posting it on Twitter )


  1. sometimes AH is short of Eternal Earth (who still farms wotlk these days?) OR prices are too high to profit.

    solution is: cheap Frozen Orbs!!!

    Since the death of cataclysm, people still leveling alts, thus doing more wotlk dg's and droping orbs to feed the AH for a price cheaper than Eternals. Frozen Orbs can be traded for Eternals in Dalaran.

    Bountiful Bags can increase profits.

    I would like to remind that enchanters need 600 infinite dusts to lvl his prof, and it's the second most expensive dust (followed by Illusion Dust), meaning that there's ALWAYS a market in need of this material.

  2. I've actually been doing this for quite some time to feed my enchanter mats for LK scrolls to sell, it's quite lucrative, i'm pretty sure i buy almost all of the raw gems/ore that are sold on my server doing this, and in return i sell crafted gems and chants for a very healthy profit

  3. The resources that i am talking about are the common gems that you get when you prospect the Outland equivalent ore
    Northrend is what ya meant to write.

    1. yeah i saw that mistake on the first place, kinda missed the second reference so cheers :)

  4. Vile
    As always, you provide an insightful and well timed post. I've been stuck on how to accumulate infinite dust for Frostweave bags, now I know how.

  5. A lot of work to get some infiniti dust! I remember struggling to get materials for crafts back when it released 6 or so years back.

    1. Well it's not that much of a work when you know there is a hefty profit at the end of that road.