Monday, April 16, 2012

Market Manipulation

   Today we are going to take a look at a very interesting way of making sure you profit from selling an actual item, while selling your services for prices that are so cheap that even Scrooge would yell out BARGAIN !

   This strategy that i will tell you about is an old yet VERY effective way to rack in some phat profits. Ok seeing as how i don't want to make this a very long post i will get down to the facts and explain how this works right away.

   What this strategy consists of is basically making people buy (item X) that is material for (item Y) that you can craft, and you offer your crafting skills for a very low price. But not to sound too mathematical with this i will get down and explain this with an actual example that should clear up any confusion there might be.

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   Now this is more or less the same with any item and the logic behind it is that you are advertising a finished product to promote your other auctions that are the materials for that item. This works just awesome when you use it on a rare craftable item, and if you happen to be able to craft an item that has a unique appearance to it you can take a cut from the Transmogrification market as well and make those appearance crazed people to get your item or materials for huge profits. 

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. I'd think that something like this would work only if you have a purchasing audience that is ignorant and impulsive, and a non-purchasing audience that is silent.

    To the former: you are assuming that the idea of purchasing a TMY is suddenly new to them, and that your bark put the idea into their head and they must have one now now now. (Impusive)They also have no idea how much the mats usually cost, and no access to anything like TUJ. (Which is a fairly safe bet for most non-goblins, it seems - Ignorant.)

    So while you can probably count on people being ignorant and impulsive (or else Madison Avenue would be broke!) what you can also count on in Trade Channel is know-it-all busybodies with too much time on their hands. Trying a scheme like this on my realm would immediately bring up more barks commenting on how overpriced TMYs were on the AH, and/or people who would sell theirs (which are either already made, or for which they have the mats stored) for 1500g (or whatever is half of AH, which is still 3x usual price).

    I dunno, maybe your Trade Tolls are less taxing... but not so where I live. :-)

    1. Well all of your points are valid, and i agree on the trade trolls being ruthless but what i have noticed is that different server have different trades. For example my server trade is rather trolling and slow, but on the other hand the trade on Kazzak is fast and huge, and this is much more viable option on there.

      As for the TMY, i only took that as an exaple. You can do this with pretty much any item, and the rarer it is the better your outcome will be. Best case scenario is if you have some of the older TBC crafting patterns that have a rather unique look to it.

  2. Welcome to my shitlist you worthless ass plagarist!

    You had the nerve to steal my post and even steal the same image to make it even more obvious.

    1. First of all i "fixed" what wasn't broken to start with. As for the issue of copying you, are you implying that you invented the resale strategy or you were the only one that knew about the TMY?

      Here is a post from September about Pets and the first one there is the TMY.

      After reading your post i see that we both took the same pet as a example, but you talk about pricing the materials too high to ward off potential competition while i am talking about pricing the item to high so you can sell your materials faster.

      Anyways thanks for not asking me anything before you decided to call me a worthless ass plagarist, and fkn thief.

      As for the image like i said in the explanation it was the first one that was up on google search when i entered in the phrase Market Manipulation, but i've changed it as apparently that is plagiarism too, and now the image leads to the post that you made 7 months ago.

    2. I wouldnt worry about Cold....he has stirred up lots of drama in the past and dont really see his blog linked on the typical gold sites that I read.

    3. Well which ones do you read? Drop a few names so if i don't have them on the blog roll i might add them

  3. Now that the market is now dead I'll share the market i manipulated through all of wrath and the beginning of cata, Primal mights.. I would buy all the cheap primal waters and airs (the harder to get ones) and then relist them for a crazy stupid price (thus ensuring they didn't sell and using the AH as my bank storage) whilst at the same time forcing every alchemist that was going transmute spec to buy my not QUITE so stupidly priced primal mights instead of making their own! Sold 4 everytime for a crazy profit!

    Also Cold I think it's funny that even after you've attacked Mr. Vile here that the link at the TOP of his "Things I Approfe of!" List is YOUR "Cross Faction Transferring - How To Avoid Getting Sniped" lets all play nice now, theres plenty of interwebs for everyone

    1. That's just the title of his blog roll.
      I just launched a new post so I rise to the top.
      That says nothing.

      Meanwhile, the fact that he completely removed over 50% of his "original" post after being called out, speaks volumes

    2. @thearetmusic87
      Well the primal might market kinda dried up when the alchemy specialization requirement need for those was changed and they are no longer needed. As for Cold's post being on top of the blog roll it is because he is the owner of a blog, and the job of a blog post is to help people find other blogs out there that they might find interesting to read. Cold has some interesting things on there so i don't see why i should deny people the ability to find more of the things that they are looking for.

      *sigh* just woke up after trying to sort out that mess from last night where i deleted 50% of the post just so you don't feel like i stole it from you and i replaced it with 2 links to your post, the hyper link in the text as well as a link when you click on the image. But apparently you follow the same logical pattern that my GF follows when she is PMSing, and you don't care to ask nor do you want to ask you just want to throw accusations.

      Until now i have never had any problems with you, and even after all your ramblings and insults i don't take anything personal. But take into consideration one thing, if you were blaming me that i stole your 7 month old post then compare your latest post to Alto's post about AH sniping and see if your text seems original now. It's all about how you look at things, and seeing as how we've had the same economy and same expansion for 1 and a half year you are bound to take the same approach to a thing as someone else has before you.

    3. Altos and my posts are worlds apart. His is how to snipe and mine is how to not get sniped. Nice smokescreen attempt though!

      And these anon comments are new to me too bud, but ppl do like to bandwagon onto the drama train. Good luck. Hope you learned something from this fiasco.

  4. Plagiarism or not, the posts on this blog are so short and lack real information or detail so it's really not worth it to come here.

    1. Wierd how the last two days were the only time i've gotten negative feedback right after Cold's bashing and they were both from Anonymous posters.

  5. Seems like a tempest in a teapot.
    Bloggers who are trying to make RL money by selling these ideas to people should understand that nothing they write about is new or copy-writeable. These concepts have been thought up and are implemented daily by thousands of WOW users who know how to make gold, who have never read a blog and will never care to write about it.

    I still do love your blog because you point out things I may not have thought of for a specific item or a way of implementing a strategy that make more sense than what I am doing.

    Keep up the good work and lets all play nice in the sandbox.