Monday, September 19, 2011

Gold Pets Continued

   In my previous post about making gold from pets i mentioned some of the pets that you can acquire by simply walking up to various vendors and picking them up for some gold pieces, well now i'll drop the ball on some of the more profitable pets that are not that hard to obtain but do make a killer sale in the market.

   First of all i will start off by giving you the names of pets that can be crafted by using different professions that actually do sell quite well.

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

  This pet has been one of my best selling pets due to the fact that anyone that has engineering can pick it up but it's like 99% of the people that do have engineering simply don't care to do the research about where to acquire the pattern to make it and even less people nowadays while leveling end up going to Winterspring and simply that is the place where you will find Umi Rumplesnicker and she is the NPC that will give you a few quests to finish which in return will grant you the pattern to make the Yeti ( YOU NEED TO HAVE ENGINEERING LEVELED TO 265 TO GET THE QUEST )
So after acquiring this pattern go ahead and start dominating the market and don't be afraid to tag it with 2k price because there has been sales where i have sold one for 4k, so play it smart and if you are the only one on the server doing so much better for you.

Mechanical Squirrel

  This pet is one of the easiest ones to get, the pattern is a random world drop for low level areas and there is usually a pattern up on the AH almost always and usually there are people trying to sell one for quite cheap but that doesn't mean you can't profit from it. For it's making it requires materials that you can usually get on the AH for anywhere under 20g and if it happens that no one is selling one you might be able to post and sell one for anywhere ranging from 100-400g. So bottom line it's a pet that has a very high profit margin but it's very slow to move and it only depends by your competition as how high it's price is going to go.

Pet Bombling

   This has been a very good seller for me basically because in order to make it you first need an engineer and then you need to run a Gnomeregan instance which nowadays almost no one does (I'm on horde side so yeah) so i've sold a bunch of these for a nice hefty price to go with it. The only down side of the little bugger is that you need a Big Iron bomb to make it so it's a bit of a hassle if the mats are not available on the AH at the time of your choosing

 Lifelike Mechanical Toad

   If you have had the luck of being one of those rare people to get the drop of the pattern, or even better to pick it up from the auction house posted by someone that didn't know the real worth of the item he was selling then you are in luck. What i mean is that this little toad is a very rare sighting on the AH and it's very rare to find an engineer that has it and even if you managed to find one that has it he probably has a monopoly on it and can ask for very high prices like 4-5k for it and actually manage to sell them, so definitely something to keep an eye out for.
Personal World Destroyer

   This little guy sells like hotcake and if you take into account that it's requiring materials that are current it only means that you can snag them for a cheap price and then go ahead and sell it on the AH for anywhere ranging from 500-2500g. The only drawback to this pet is that in order to be able to make it you need an engineer that has specialized in Goblin Engineering, and if you are that engineer then you can simply waltz up to the trainer and learn the pattern for him.

De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion

   This guy is basically the same deal as the Personal World Destroyer but instead of needing Goblin Engineering for it you need Gnomish Engineering. (YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE OR THE OTHER DEPENDING ON YOUR SPECIALIZATION AND NOT THE TWO ON THE SAME CHARACTER)

Enchanted Lantern

   This has been one of the best sellers in Cataclysm, as the reason why i could not tell you but it simply seems that people like going around while being followed by a flying lamp (I've seen rogues that have it in BG's while being in stealth but that's besides the point). The way to acquire this one is by having a maxed out level enchanter or a friend that has it maxed out, and the pattern for it is learned from the Twilight Highlands vendor or nowadays any enchanting trainer. (THIS IS HORDE ONLY ITEM)

Magic Lamp

   Same as the Enchanted Lantern but with the only thing being that this is ALLIANCE ONLY ITEM. (But you can sell it on the neutral AH if you want to sell it to us dirty hordes.

P.S. If you are playing Alliance and are a rogue, by all means do buy this one and always use it while you are in a BG it will make your skills multiply by 10x  :D

   Well in a bunch these are the companions that will make your pet market skyrocket if you are selling them and make your gold making skills get off the ground. So have fun spending that gold.

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