Monday, January 16, 2012

Inscription 2.0

   Welcome back for another edition in the Inscription profession. In the previous post that covered inscription i went ahead i told you how to get started out in inscription by installing TSM, configuring it and then sell the glyphs you have. Today i am going to tell you how to make profits from the profession by utilizing the other options that the profession offers. 


   I will start off with the darkmoon cards. The deal with these cards is quite profitable, but there is a huge drawback as well and i will elaborate as to why. By making these cards early in  the expansion you have a way to get one of the set cards which when you get them all you can turn them in at the Darkmoon faire and get a pretty awesome trinket that in most cases is BiS. Now the huge drawback that i was talking about comes with the introduction of new content patches where new, higher item level gear is introduced. What that does is, it makes them devaulate and loose their BiS status, heck they can be replaced by a instance trinket that might be better then it. But one thing remains, there are still people out there that are trying to boost their item level so they don't mind shelling out some gold for it, though that is very rare.

   As a recap for the cards, they are very lucrative and profitable at the start of a expansion but they loose their worth down the road. But if you take into account that Mists Of Pandaria is nearing it's release, then you should know that this market will be a viable market once again, and if you are a scribe you should think about getting in and taking a slice of the profit pie.


   This right here is the Mysterious Fortune Card. Many have had the good fortune of selling these on the auction house and making a killer sale, and many have had fun scratching these, having fun, and loosing all their gold in the process. 

   The fortune cards are an awesome item to sell, but their sales are not dependent on simply putting them on the auction house and expect to see the sales as you would with another item. Oh don't get me wrong, its not all that complicated to sell them as it might sound but it will require a bit of your wits, and a small amount of your time to bark a macro. But why am i rambling on and on, heck i'll get down to an example and show you exactly what it is.

   There are a few things you need to know about the fortune cards before you start to deal with them. 

  • Rule 1: Never flip the card yourself
  • Rule 2: Never ever even think of flipping the cards yourself
  • Rule 3: Ahh .. read Rule 1 or Rule 2
   Now that you know the basic three rules i will give you a quick overview on what to expect from the people and who you are going to sell and when.

   The cards are basically the Vegas of WoW, which means its the only way you can gamble with a chance to win big. What this means is that people can easily get addicted to it and spend great amounts of gold on it, which in return is a great thing for you because that gold goes to you. Now the people that you are targeting are the ones that like to gamble, but in order for them to actually buy your product you need to make it visually alluring. Seeing as how we can't use the usual marketing tactics, we need to advertise the WoW way. This kind of advertisement is done by barking macros. The idea is to make the macro descriptive as well as tempting to buy. The best results i have had were by linking the item as well as the prize in the same macro. I am guessing you know how to link items in macros as i have explained it previously. So with that in mind the macro that i used to make my gold from the cards is as following:

/2 Mysterious Fortune Card on the AH dont miss out on your chance to score the big win and net in 5000G for a measly price. Get yours while they last

/2 Feel like your luck is in your favor today? Well then why not test your luck and flip the Mysterious Fortune Card for a chance to win Fortune Card. Get yours from the AH now!

   These two macros are a few of the ones that i used to make my gold off the cards, but know one thing though, you need to make a few macros that are different from each other buy yet they bark about the same thing. The reason for this would be because no one likes a spammer in trade, but if you are barking 5 different macros in a 1 minute intervals, well then people won't mind that much.

   Just one last thing about the cards. If you happen to have cooking you can take your cards business to a whole new level by making Fortune Cookies. The deal with these is that they offer the same "gamble" as the cards but with an added kick, they give a fairly good food buff so you can sell this to raiders and dungeon runners. Same as the cards you get fairly quick results by making an ad about this and barking in trade. I will give you an example of what i have been using to sell them.

/2 Off to a raid,need food [Fortune Cookie] on the AH. Get your class best food buff along side with a chance to get  [Fortune Card] and profit 5K gold


   One of the markets that is generally looked over by the majority of the scribes is the relic market. What this market offers is actually a piece of the PvP profits that we can take for our own. Best thing about the relics is that with every major patch the item level of the relics is being upgraded to match the current honor equivalent. 

    But without making this any longer that it has to be, if you are a scribe make the Vicious Eyeball of Dominance, Vicious Charm of Triumph and Vicious Jawbone of Conquest
   One of the things you need to know though is when you are buying the needed materials for them, buy them from a vendor don't buy them from the Auction house. You don't want to be on the short end of the stick on a topic that i have covered months ago.

   This about wraps up the alternative to glyph inscription market and if you follow them you are sure to make some good profits.
    So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.



  1. I have never been able to make any profit off of these inferno ink dumps. Much easier for me to sell the inks raw. I make so much gold from glyphs that the minimal profit(if any) I would get from these types of items is not worth my time.

  2. Not sure if you are addressing the Relics or the Darkmoon cards or even the Fortune cards but i can tell you they are all big earners.

    It is true that the glyphs are a big profiteers but they are a shrinking market to the point where nowadays you have only the alts buying the glyphs, but on the other hand it's a very lucrative market with high prices.

    As for making profit from the Darkmoon cards, i used to sell them for 10-15k while it would cost me about 4-7k to make them. So there used to be helluva big profit in those.

    And the fortune cards, no need to explain about them, you can literally make hundreds of thousands if you only have the time to stick around. And the best part is it will never grow old, because gambling will always be alluring to some people.

  3. I'm referring to anything that the inferno inks can be turned into, such as the relics and cards. On my realm, they are not big earners. It's best to sell the inferno raw. As for the fortune cards, those also are not worth it on my realm because the market price is too low. Glyphs are still the king of the inscription hill here.

  4. Just as an addendum: I'm sure you've have good success with the methods you outlined here. It's just one of those server dependant things we always talk about, know what I mean?

  5. I'm sure that glyphs are the king, but if done properly the fortune cards can make a killer earner.

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