Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jewelcrafting Gold Making ... The Tidy Way

    In a previous post for Jewelcrafting i covered how many days you need to play to acquire all the patterns in the game. Now if you weren't swayed away from jewelcrafting and got in the market you might be making some awesome profits off from it but might simply be having a crappy time when you need to restock inventory, or keeping an eye on whatever sells so you can cut it and re list it back on the AH. Well if you are one of those guys read the rest or watch the video, whatever you prefer more.  

   In order to do this task we will use an addon. The name of this addon is Inventorium that you can download from curse.com or from the  curse client itself. 

   What this addon does is simple yet brilliant. It allows you to give it a number of items you want to keep in stock ( gems in our case ) and then any time your stock gets under that amount ( when you sell a gem ) it gives you a popup window that you can use it to craft that given item.

   In order to get started with using this addon you need to right click that new button that appeared on your minimap called Inventorium. As soon as you do this you are going to see on your screen the configuration page which is portrayed on the image above. When you open it up the first thing you need to do is go in the Groups and there set a name for the group you want to make ( gems in this case ).

   After making this group what you want to do next it set the amount of gems you want to keep in stock. This is done by adjusting the slider Minimum Local/Global Stock. For gems i have set mine at 10 as i am usually posting in batches of 5-6 gems and that way i can see if i am short on some gem. 

   Finally after making the group, and setting up the number of gems you want to have it is time to add the items you want those setting to apply to, and that is done simply by clicking the tab called Add Items. For gems i would recommend you add all of the gems in this group as you want to keep a stock of all of them.

   Now for the sake of making it visually more appealing and easier to track i have had my bags made into one 14 row big bag with the help of another addon called Bagnon, but you can use any other addon as it will not make a difference. The reason behind my division of the bag like that is quite obvious if you look at the image on the right.

   The one above the red line is the same as the one underneath it with the small change being that the one below has my gem groups neatly spelled out for you nice people. So on that lower part you can see that i am missing a gem type from my usual Ember Topaz group as well as multiple gems from different colors. When i say i am missing gems what i mean is that the required number of gems that i have set as a bare minimum (in this case 10) is not met so i will be given a option to craft those missing gems.

   As you can see on this image on the left here, this is the crafting screen. What you need to do to get this screen is open up your profession ( Jewelcrafting in this instance ) and then left click the button on the minimap. What this will do is open up the summary which is that big window with all the gems in it, and those 2 buttons at the top saying Queue and Queue All. Those two buttons are where you want to be looking. 

   If you have a addon that supports crafting queues like Advanced Trade Skill Window ( ATSW ) or Lil SparkysWorkshop then you can press the Queue All button and you will see all the gems that you are missing populate your crafting screen, if you don't have them you can do it manually by pressing the Queue button and then when that new window pops up, all you need to do is take some raw gems from your bank, put them in your bags, and you are ready to click away and see those gems being crafted.

   So by doing this you never ever have to worry if you have all the gems up on the auction house, or maybe manually check the stock you have. To clear up another thing, this post was made for Jewelcrafting but you can use this method for any item you might be selling constantly and having to keep an eye for a given stock, best examples for this would be glyphs and flasks.

   That's all for now but like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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