Saturday, February 4, 2012

New In WoW ( Part 3 )

   Here we are back again with another installment in the Starter Kit section of the blog. In the previous two parts of this section i covered what you will do when you are starting out, up until you hit level 20ish. In this post i will tell you how i got though 20 to 40, but will focus more on the actual gold making possibilities opposed to the leveling itself. 

   See this guy on the image on the left, that is exactly how i was while leveling. Now don't get me wrong, i wasn't transformed into an old Japanese dude pulling a cart with a metric ton of stuff with him, no, i was a druid carrying twice as much as this guy. I mean i kept everything i looted from mobs, and i looted everyone. 

   Now you might think that this is nothing worth mentioning, but to a new player this is his lifeline of gold income. Remember i started out as any new character would, so no gold to help me out, no friends to give me a hand and no 16 slot bags off the start, so basically just like any new player would.

   To be perfectly honest i was surprised at how well some of the "vendor trash" that most of us refer to sells on the auction house. What i mean when i say vendor trash, is all those meats you end up getting while killing animals out there. Also i had some good sales with the cloth i was getting.

   Now i originally wasn't going to add this bit to the starting out "guide" but hell it would be a major fail on my end if i didn't tell you. As you can see on the image on the right i got my little 'ol druid in the Mogging market, and it payed off. 

  With the gold i got from those boots i invested into new 30ish items that i got off the Auction House so i am expecting to see some income from that investment. Another thing i would like to get the people to keep their eyes open for is the leveling greens. What i mean by this is, when you kill a mob and it drops a low level green, don't go and vendor it if you don't need it but instead check out how it's visual aspect is, and if you deem it to look cool then slap it on the AH for a good price.

   Another thing opposed to selling the items for transmogrification, and selling the cloth and what not, you should still continue to sell the obvious items as well as sell the pets you can acquire as you move through the game.

   Now in the previous posts i mentioned that i took two professions for my druid, leatherworking and skinning. The skinning on it's own can get you on your feet alone as the low level leather is always in high demand and low supply, but me being me i decided that i want to level the leatherworking as well so that huge boost of low level gold was wasted for me, but hey i'm leveling up a profession that will pay up in the future ... or i hope it will, we will see.

   I know this wasn't a huge eye opener for many of you that have played through this on many of your alts as i have, but i have something to add before i leave. Leveling an alt on your server, where you have heirlooms, gold and friends to help you out with has nothing on leveling a alt all by yourself on a different server. I mean without the XP boost of the heirlooms i get to see the world as it was meant when Blizzard decided to change it with the Cataclysm, and i can say it's fun. I have 10 characters and pretty much knew all the quests by hearth, but this time around i saw many new and exciting quests, and because i didn't have  the heirlooms i actually saw all the quests there were in certain zones.

   So a short recap for what to do in this, still low level bracket of the game:
  • Continue selling the obvious items
  • Get more into the pet market as it gets more available
  • Sell the meat you get on the Auction house not the vendor
  • Sell the cloth you get 
  • Sell the leather you get ( unless you decide to level up leatherworking )
  • Take your greens and slap them on the AH for the moggers to buy
  • And most importantly .. HAVE FUN DOING IT ALL
   Ok now before i leave i will give you one more thing, and this is a very special picture as it is basically a picture of the fun i've had in game up until now.


      So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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