Sunday, February 12, 2012

Transmogrification Items

   As i said in the previous post, real life activities have been keeping me a bit on the busy side and away from WoW, but as i have gotten some free time i would like to make a post that i can further build upon as time progresses, and it will cover snatch/flip lists for transmogrification. The items on the lists will be taken from various sites and blogs that i will mention in the end of the post. One last thing before i go on, in previous posts i have talked about where to "farm" items for the Transmogrification market, but here i am going to talk about how to resell them off the Auction House and see great profits.


   Just like WoW has different raiding tiers for gear, the transmogrification market has a kind of it's own tier when it comes to rarity of the items. Now unlike the raiding tiers which make your character stronger with every next one, these tiers make you more gold the higher they are, that is if you know what you have.

   In the image on the left you can see the appearances of the first two tiers with the most expensive price tags, and the rarest of them all.

Tier I ( 5 - 10k )

Tier II ( 3 - 5k )

Tier III ( 1.5 - 3k )                                                 Tier IV ( 900 - 1500g )
Bloodscale Plate                                                       Commander Plate
Jade Plate                                                                 Warleader Plate
Hyperion Plate                                                          Imbued Plate
                                                                                Brutish Plate

Tier V ( 750 - 1000g )

   Now there are more items that you can acquire that are of a lower worth so i didn't mention it here. One other thing that i can advise you to do is when you first log in for the day go ahead and check the AH for under priced items and if you see them simply swoop them away and slap a price tag of 450-1000g or whatever you think it might be worth judging by it's appearance. Now here is the text you will want to import in Auctionator to make your lists.

***Plate Tier I (5-10k)

***Plate Tier II (3-5k)

***Plate Tier III (1.5-3k)                                                    ***Plate Tier IV (900-1.5K)
Bloodscale                                                                           Commander
Jade                                                                                     Warleader
Hyperion                                                                              Imbued

***Plate Tier V (750-1k)

   For the full list on all the plate items you might want to check out The Hatchery's post on Plate Mogging as you will see all the rest of the items that i didn't mention over there.


   The weapons market is a bit different from the armor market, and the reason for this is simple, people have different style tastes and while someone would pay 100g for a simple looking sword, someone else would pay 5000g, so it's all a game of wait and see. I will leave you with a list for weapons as well but i will tell you something that you will notice in about two days if you decide to get into the weapons transmogrification market, and that is the bare fact that many of the weapons have doubles when it comes to their model so that kind of puts them on the same playground as the other item. 

   But as you do the scanning in time you will start to notice that from time to time a weapon will appear on the auction house that is like non other and is listed for some minimal price of <50g and that is when you swoop it and then post it for huge profits.

***Weapons                                                                             ***Weapons Rare
Abomination Cleaver                                                                  Phantom Blade
Arcanite Reaper                                                                         Razor Axe
Assassination Blade                                                                   Singing Crystal
Avool's Sword of Jin                                                                  Soul Blade
Axe of Rin'ji                                                                              Speedsteel Rapier
Banner Slicer                                                                             Teebu's Blazing
Blade of Hanna                                                                          The Butcher
Blade of the Titans                                                                     Unknown Archaeologist's
Blade of Wizardry
Blazing Rapier
Dark Iron Reaver
Driftwood Club
Elementium Poleaxe
Elementium Shank
Fel Edged Battleaxe
Felsteel Longblade
Felsteel Reaper
Maldo's Sword Cane
Massacre Sword
Notched Cobalt

   So i have written down the basics of your transmogrification business comprised of Plate Armor and Weapons, but like i said there is much more out there as in Cloth, Mail and even Leather to some degree but i think that the majority of the market is around plate and weapons. One other thing, all these lists are basically shopping lists for Auctionator, but in case you don't know how to import lists in Auctionator check Alto's post as he has made a good job explaining it. 

   Now at the start of the post i said i was going to use information from different sites/blogs so i would like to thank those bloggers for their time and effort into making these lists, and if you found it helpful go and visit them:

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

P.S. The Original Item lists were made by Keelhaul so the real props go to him ... totally !


  1. Vile, I don't mind you using my content in this way, but you need to give proper credit. ;)


    1. Sorry about that, i simply saw it more or less a thing that would be more then obvious, but then again i saw that i made the links from the actual blogs and not the posts on the blogs that had the thanks go out to you.

  2. I feel like I just followed some asian girly into a backroom full of knock off Louis Vuitton bags. I have this sense I've read this post before....but in a slightly different coloured font! *cough*

    1. It's pretty much more of the same idea Keel had, just different colors as you neatly put it in.
      And to be 100% honest i wanted to have a post in which i can redirect people to when they don't know where to start at, and didn't mean to trick anyone into thinking that it's all ORIGINAL.

    2. Vile,

      I just gotta comment on this too. This post is just taking others work, posting it on your blog. Not original at all. I am not a pro blogger by any means, but here's my two cents for the future:

      1. If you do a similar post that another blogger hit on, just brief on it, give the link (I use the beginning format)

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      Alto’s Goldish Advice- The Best and Easiest Transmog Site to Date

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      Alto’s Goldish Advice- It’s not what you know, It’s who you know!

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      5. If 1,2,3 or 4 don't say this, be original.

      Just a few tips.


    3. Sorry about the spam filter catching you, but as you can see i didn't delete your post. As for the wording i guess i should have made the links a tad bit better, but i guess i will have to use more caution when using other people's work.

      Again i am sorry if you felt like i stole your work as that was not my intention

    4. It's all good. I am sure you learned from it, and that is what makes us better in the long run.

      The links I did in my comment above should cover a few different situations (or how I dealt with them at least) with applying "link love" to others. As you know, if you have any other questions, I will do my best to answer them. Just holler.


  3. I'm all for Vile, especially after forcing Twizz @ Rep Grind Radio (Ultimate shit story), but this just looks like a rip off. No matter how you explain it. I'd delete the post.

    In a case like this it's very simple. If i'd write about transmog, but didn't have any new information to add or have anything to discuss, i'd just leave it alone.

    Long rant, same conclusion. Delete it.

    1. Well before i get off to bed let me shoot off the story behind the post.

      I told a friend of mine that seeing as how he's always whining about how he can't make gold he should try the Transmogrification tactic. On this he asked the what tactic ? As soon as i told him to check out my blog and on the blogroll to find the Power Word: Gold blog, then go and check the post there that covered the mogging market with links to Alto and Twichie's Auctioneer shopping lists that were basically the Keelhaul (Mogfather) sales he told me to go ... myself which is something that i doubt my body can do if you know what i mean .. and that i should make a post that has all the links in here.

      Now granted i screwed up on the positioning on the links to the respectable sites, and i would even delete it entirely if i didn't spend a good portion of time making all the images and getting all the armor sets to have the correct link to wowhead.

      But if people really do find this offensive in any way i will get it down as i never intended to be ripping off from any of the bloggers, and the least from Alto because i am sure that very few or maybe no one knows but Alto was the first guy that gave me a ref link and some readers love when i was starting out the blog, so i have nothing but respect for the man.