Monday, February 6, 2012

Primal Gold Farming

   This post here today is more or less a engineering only earning way, so if you are not an engineer you can't profit from it. If you happen to be a engineer though, and you have been playing back in the TBC era you probably know of it, if not you are about to learn about it.

   Now as you are seeing this troll you are probably thinking that i am going to tell you to farm some troll, but no i am not, because i like trolls and more importantly because it would be pointless. The reason why i put up an image of this troll here is because this troll is going to be responsible for you making a ton of gold. 

   The name of this troll is Mack Diver, and the reason why he is special is that he is a engineering trainer found in Zangarmarsh, but more importantly he is the trainer that is going to teach you how to make a Zapthrottle Mote Extractor. This is a gold making machine,  not in the way that it makes gold out of thin air, but rather helps you make money out of air.

   Ok now it's time that i stop being so vague and actually tell you how it works. As you can see on the image on the right, that is my engineer using the mote extractor on gas clouds, so i can extract the motes found in them.

   Different zones have different clouds, and that means that you get different motes by extracting them. Just so you know. if you keep the actual Mote Extractor it will show you the gas clouds on the mini map when you are close to them, which is kinda cool opposed to the way it used to be when you had to have it equipped on your head to see them, which made your character look "intellectually impaired".

   This whole thing was very profitable like two patches away where alchemy respec was done easiest by buying a few Primal Might off the AH, but since the change the need for it has lowered but still there is some demand. One thing should be clear though, if the demand has lowered then the suppliers have moved away as well, so ironically i have seen more sales since then and for higher prices too. People will still need those Primals for their crafting professions, and what better way to make a coin then by hasty crafters. 

   There are five primals that can be farmed but i will focus on the two that are a fast and high seller Primal Air and Primal Water. Both of these can be farmed by using the mote extractor. Up on the second image you can see my engineer using the extractor to obtain Water and Air motes. The Water clouds can be found in Zangarmarsh while the Air ones can be found in Nagrand, and as you can see they have a different appearance and can easily be distinguished. You can farm the Shadow Primals as well down in Shadowmoon Valley, but i haven't seen the price of demand on those to be worth you a while.

   Before i head out a quick recap. If you don't have the mote extractor go and get it, if you happen to fly though Outland check out Zangarmarsh and Nagrand for clouds, and if no one is selling any on the Auction House then you have found your own niche market to hold and control.

  So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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