Thursday, September 15, 2011

Got no professions but need gold, step right up !

  Ok, to be honest most of us don't remember those times when we were starting out the game, and everything was magical, and expensive, but we couldn't afford it because it was 10G. Well, for a lot of people it's still the same, but instead of those initial 10G ages ago, when there were no dailies to give you 300G per day, you had a quest that would give you 1g and those were finite. 
   Well now it's pretty much the same but the items cost 500g or 5000g, and your gathering professions are simply not cutting it when the stacks of herbs, or ore are selling for 10-15G for stack (price varies from server to server so don't take it for granted) so what do you do?

  Well you need some gold income, and how do you go about making it?  Well it's quite simple actually, you jump in a market that's usually not that crowded with suppliers, but has some nice amount of people increasing the demand.

  Ok, so by now you are thinking, what the hell is he talking about, and what is this market that we can use? Well PETS of course, and no, i'm not talking about dogs and cats, well actually there are cats but still i'm talking about those non combat companions, that you can get from all over the world, from random drops or vendors.

  Now that we have the market that we want to get into, i will give you a short info on where to get the pets, and how you should set the pricing for them. I will start by giving you the zone name and then the name of the vendor that you should visit as well as what he sells.

Michelle De Rum sells:
Winterspring Cub (50g)    (100g - 450g)

Xan'tish sells:
Black Kingsnake Brown Snake Crimson Snake (35s)   (10g - 175g)

Thousand Needles
"Plucky" Johnson sells:
Ancona Chicken (90s)   (10g - 495g)

Thunder Bluff
Halpa sells:
Prairie Dog Whistle (35s)   (10 - 175g)

Dealer Rashaad sells:
Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling, Brown Rabbit Crate, Red Moth Egg (7g)   (15g - 475g)
Mana Wyrmling (28g)   (45g - 495g)
Parrot Cage (Senegal) (28s)   (10g - 175g)
Cockroach (30s)   (10g - 175g)
Cat Carrier (Siamese) (42s)  (10g - 175g)

Breanni sells:
Calico Cat, Obsidian Hatchling, Albino Snake (35g)   (60g - 395g)

Booty Bay
Narkk sells:
Parrot Cage (Cockatiel) (28s)   (10g - 175g)

And again as a clarification of the numbers i've put next to the pets
(Pet Name)  (XXg)                               (XXg                   -                             XXg )
            vendor price     lowest you would go about selling it    high price if no one has posted any

  So, in a bunch those are the vendors that will sell you the pets for cheap gold, that later you can use on the AH and flip them for profits. As for the rest of the pets that can be purchased through other means or crafted i'll leave those for a next post hopefully coming in the very near future.

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