Saturday, September 17, 2011

Selling the Obvious

   One of my favorite ways to make gold, even though it's not the most lucrative business is selling items you can get straight out from the vendors. And what i mean by this is that you can rack up some fast and easy gold by just walking up next to the random vendor that's sitting usually next to the auction house or very close by.

   You would think that i'm full of crap and that everything i'm saying possibly can't be true because lets face it why would you pay ten or even fifty times the worth of something that you can get from the vendor, well the answer is simple, people are either too lazy to walk to the vendor don't care or they are not informed but either way that's gold in your pocket.

   I'll put down some items i've had insane margins selling like 500-1000% even though they are not expensive profit is profit.

Blacksmith Hammer          13c                     10-20g
Mining Pick                       57c                     10-20g
Walnut Stock                 3g 50s                         10g
Hair Trigger                       63s                         10g
Enchanting Vellum              7s                          1g per item, usually sell them in 3-5 stack size or 20
Coal                               3s 50c                  20-35g stack

Dust Of Disappearance 8g 75s                   15-25g depending on competition

   Those are some of the basic no brainer items you can post up on the AH and get some nice profits but i have to admit my favorite vendor items would be the items you buy off the Inscription Vendor in the Twilight Highlands, but for a better preview check it down below


Una Kobuna sells

Deathwing Scale Fragment          4g 50s              125-175g
Bleached Jawbone                    29g 60s              125-175g
Preserved Ogre Eye                  24g 67s              125-175g
Scavenged Dragon Horn            12g 78s              125-175g
Silver Charm Bracelet               33g 41s              125-175g

   One thing you need to remember about these items is that you need to leave an impression that they are rare and something worth buying and not something that's easy to obtain or give notice to the potential buyer then he can get it from a vendor by doing the silly thing and flooding the AH with them, so think smart and only post 1 of each at any given time and watch the gold come pouring down in due time.

   The reason why these items sell at such a price is that all the scribes get access to the PvP items that they can craft but need these items but for some reason, be it that they dont know that it's sold by a vendor or haven't unlocked the vendor by doing the quests they decide to turn to the AH and in turn to fill up your pockets with gold.

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