Monday, October 3, 2011

Big Game Crafter (BGC)

   So here you are, a very skilled and charming Jewelcrafter, Alchemist or whatever profession you might have and are making loads of gold and you start thinking that you are pushing the max out of how much you can be making, be it that mark you've set for yourself is 1k, 5k, 10k or even 20k per day and you feel like you've hit that high quote that you can't possibly go over by using the Auction House. Well you might be right if you are using all your available markets to you, and you are doing it all as you are supposed to be doing it, but what if i tell you that you can make so much more by not expanding into different markets and trying out what sells there and then clash with the other people that are already sailing strong into those markets. Well if that interests you keep on reading about the possibilities that are offered if you choose to be a Big Game Crafter.

   So let me give you an idea as to what i mean when i use the phrase Big Game Crafter, it's actually very simple but yet still ingenious.

   Lets say that you are a Jewelcrafter and you spend your days brushing elbows with the competition on the AH trying to get your gems sold so you can get a slice of the profit pie, you post 200 gems and you are bound to sell some 5-10 gems before you get undercut or even more if it's a busy time of the day and the competition is low but the fact is that no matter what you will never sell your full stock and get 100% back on your posting fees and not to mention there is no way to avoid paying the AH tax A.K.A AH cut, but actually is there ?

   YES THERE IS, and this is the core of the (BGC) strategy, and the only thing you need to do is have some half decent persuasion skills. Ok enough with the beating around the bush, lets go down to the facts and how to of the strategy so you stop wondering what the hell am i talking about.

   Few days ago i had an idea where i talked to my GM about supplying the guild bank with all the gems there are so the guild would get them at the lowest possible price so that it can sell them to the raiders at a 50% discount which in fact would be a moral boost and some effective spending of the guild bank gold. Took me about one and a half hour to make the cuts and filling up the bank with the surplus gems i had and the uncut ones that i had i got around 40k gold from that transaction which was the bare minimum with a very low to none profit margin but that actually gave me an idea to offer something in those lines to the other big guilds on my server and this is where i struck gold.

    I contacted few other guilds, their respectable GM's and told them that i am willing to provide them with a good deal on gems, as well as food for all their raiders if they buy them from me in bulks. I got three GMs that were interested and we struck a deal, took me about 3 hours to craft all the gems that i had told them i would supply them with but it was time well spent because after i sold them the whole package i got about 57k gold from each of the guilds that i made that deal with (well two of them paid the 57 the third one didn't want the whole stock and had a predifined list of gems but still got me about 35k) and on top of that i managed to sweeten the pot with the food thing, and seeing as how i am not very big going out there killing animals for their flesh or fishing i sold the food of the Chinese  people, the Fortune Cookie, but it took some negotiating and explaining but after a while (me telling them that there's a chance for the 5k golden card to be acquired from the food) they agreed and bought them at 220g per stack which was awesome price for a wholesale  as i could cut my production time in half because some idget (word sponsored by the show Supernatural) was posting them for 6g per card and i bought them bought some flour and made them into the cookies and sold them for 11g per cookie. So there i was sitting on well over 150k for that day and wasn't even near a patch day, nor the prices were inflated on a niche market which i had no competition, nope nothing like that, simply using the BGC to rack up some great profits.

   Same technique can be done with herbs, flasks, pots, food, beltbuckets hell anything you might be selling on the AH and has a high demand  and the best part no need to deal with competition only a one on one talk with a certain GM and you could be reaping the profits in no time.

   So try it out people, it worked for me and there's no reason why it wouldn't work for you. I sure hope you get some awesome profits out of this one and like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.


  1. Another thoughtful post. Never would have thought a guld would buy like that when they prob have people who can do the cuts in thier guild already, but i suposed at mass scale you can sell much cheaper than what they can buy for so you have no real compertition.

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