Friday, October 21, 2011

New Expansion Announced

The new WoW expansion has just been announced ,,,  WORLD OF WARCRAFT - (Panda Land) Mists Of Pandaria

For everyone that has paid for the stream good for ya for those that haven't paid but what to watch it check it out on

Will try and keep the links live as much as i can so just follow the last link

FTP Stream

2nd Stream

Weird how they are closing come streams while in their EULA it states that you are allowed to stream if you are not making profit out of it ...

Things announced so far: ( Will update this as the thing progresses )

- Mists Of Pandaria expansion
- New Playing Class (Monk) and Race that will be available to both Horde And Aliance
- New Talent Trees
- Outdoor Bosses

- PvE Battlegrounds
- Instance Challenge Mode
- Pet Battle System

pass: blizz2011


  1. I will try and keep the streams up in case they are brought down so keep an eye on the page

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