Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CSS (Cheap Shot Sales) Not Counter Strike Source !!!

   So here we are back again with me teaching you fine goblins out there how to make gold by using dubious and below the belt techniques and i might add one that's a very very good for your pocket and urge to fill it with gold.

   If you've read some of my other posts you'll notice that i personally love the use of advertising to get my sales up, and this is something that i have found to be a crucial element in my selling and buying setup, so one might say that you need to have a magnetic personality or even be a loudmouth but that's ok if it gets you gold.

   This next bit i am about to tell you fine goblins is something that has made me a ton of gold and i usually don't like spreading the word about it mainly because it involves some not so moral things that need to be done but what the hell, there's gold at the end of the rainbow so why not.

   So i'll try to cut it short and get down to the bare facts and how to do the CSS. Lets say that you have an item that's something of worth but it's simply moving too slow or the demand is too low but you want to get rid of it as soon as possible, what do you do then, why use the CSS.

   Let me elaborate, the CSS is basically you getting other people to buy a given item that you've put on the AH by barking trade channel with a different character saying that you want to buy the same given item for a higher price and hence trying to force someone into buying the item you've previously put up on the AH with your main character. As a perfect example for this would be the titansteel bars which are one of the main ingreedients for making the Chopper-Like mount that many people crave for it. What i did is i went on the AH and saw that there was like 10ish posted for 95g on there and i bought them all out and reposted them at 199g per item and then logged my banker character. As soon as the loading screen was done i started barking trade channel that i wanted to buy 8 titansteel bars for 250g per bar (don't put a number greater then the amount you've posted on the AH, in this case 10 because people will not want to buy it because it will not fulfill your need and they don't want to risk it) and about 4 min later the AH was emptied out from all the titansteel bars. That is when you don't whisper back to the people trying to tell you that they have it and want to trade it to you or invite you in a group, but you rather relog on your main and see that those 950g you invested into the truegold is not actually 1900g after 4 min of barking trade (as a side effect you have a bunch of people that hate you but hey we are goblins we don't belive in Karma).

   So there you are and this strategy could be used for any item of interest and it will always get your sales to go smoother, though if you always do that same tactic from the same alt people might start to catch up and see through all the smoke and mirrors do diversify as what item you are "selling" with this strategy.

   So like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.


  1. A nice reminder of one of the oldest tricks in the book for the devious goblin!

  2. i know it's not supposed to be moral and stuff to con people into buying stuff they don't need but in reality you are not conning them but you are banking on their own greed.

    Awesome at every step of the way

  3. So wrong, but so right at the same time :)

    I like it!