Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making Gold Out Of Thin Air (Trade Channel)

   For some reason i simply enjoy making gold and my best guess as to why would be simple, my inner goblin is making me do it. Now you might have a inner goblin as well or maybe you simply have a need for gold to pay up for those pesky raiding repair bills or you want that new shiny mount or that new AH sword, but no matter what the need for that gold would be it's always good when you see those profits coming at you, and especially if don't really have to be doing anything that would make you do complex math, gathering data or god forbid go farm, well in this post i'll give you an idea as to what one of these ways would be that has worked well for me for months.

   This awesome thing i'm telling you about could be called simply Valor Resale, and the reason to it's name is simply because you are selling the valor purchasable items. Now before you go "Meh i ain't got no Valor so i don't care about this" let me tell you that you don't need to have a single point of valor to be doing it.

   The way this whole thing works is so simple that it will make you do a facepalm for not doing it all this time.

   Ok so down to the point, you must have seen all those people in trade channel (unless you've gotten fed up with anal and dirge jokes and turned it off) that advertise something in the lines of   "WTS Valor bracers 2K" or something similar. Well that right there is the market i'm talking about and in order for you to be harvesting the profits of this market you only need to go and check out the names of the actual be it bracers/boots or whatever is next to come and then check their price on the AH.

   If you've done that you'll see that lets just say for kicks that guy was selling the Valor Bracers for 2K and we check and see that there are no bracers [Pure Awesomeness Bracer] (this one was made up so don't go googling it) up on the AH or someone has put one up for 8K. Now every fiber in your body goes "Pff 8k good luck selling that dumbass" but actually that guy is your best bet at selling your item because he has set the AH price of the item.

   If you are still confused as to what i'm saying let me break it down even more. People in general don't really know the names of the Valor items and in their head they think the item name is really VALOR Bracer/Boots and never bother to check the vendor, and simply you doing that and getting the name and then advertising the actual item in trade for a price that's twice or even more then what the guy with the Valor Bracer was asking for will be a success.

   The best case for this would be a few weeks ago i turned out to do my ad where i was selling my item right after someone else had put down a WTS Valor Bracers 2K, and i was asking for 5K and even saying it's 1K cheaper then the AH because someone had put it up for 6K on the AH. Weirdly enough i got a buyer asking to buy it for 4.5k and i was good with the price because as soon as i sold him that item i went and bought the same item from the guy that was selling the Valor Bracers for 2k and he even gave me a discount and i ended up getting it from him for 1700g, but to make it even more hilarious i sold that item as well later on that night for 5K. So in about an hour i got 5700g pure profit from me not going anywhere to farm anything or post gazillion auctions and getting hundreds of sales.

   One thing you should know is and be prepared for is that there will be people that will know that those are the Valor items and will whisper you offending names and what not, or even call out your bull out in trade channel and if that happens chill out for a few minutes and don't go spamming that ad aggressively because you don't want that bad rep, but you rather want your buyer to think you are doing him a favor by selling it to him for 1k cheaper rather then you trying to rob him blind.

   So like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.

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