Saturday, November 5, 2011

Barking Up The Wrong Tree, Or Is It ?

   Ladies and gentle goblins, i will keep this post very brief as i will not go into lengthy descriptions, colorful ranting and what not, but instead i will simply give you a quick gold making tip that will be viable for a short duration, so let me explain.

   I give to you the Guardian Cub companion. It's a pretty much safe bet that you have all heard about it from MMO-Champion, or from the Blizzard site. This companion is the first companion that you can buy for real money, and then be able to sell it to some other guy for in game gold. (Does not break the rules Blizzard has, where it says you are not allowed to acquire gold by paying real money, or the other way around)

   Well, i'm not going to give you tips on how to take these and then try and sell them on the AH for a profit, which on it's own is a good tactic, no i am going to give you a tip on how to profit for a huge margin, without having to invest into buying anything that's expensive.

   Ok, so down to the cold facts. If you happen to see the trade channel chatter after the release of the Guardian Cub, you will see a lot of people selling their Guardian Cubs on trade channel. This is where you come in and actually monetize on the whole situation by using a weapon that no one is impervious against, the way their brain works.

   What i mean with this is that while everyone keeps seeing lines like "WTS Guardian Cub 7k" they immediately make a note in their head that it's worth that, so what you do it you make a macro where you sell an item with a similar name, in this case the "Winterspring Cub", and now the pure genius in this is that people will think that you are selling the Guardian cub at a cheaper price like 3 or 4K and will whisper you for a buy, hoping to monetize on your lack of information about what you have, and will try and get it off you as soon as possible.

   The reason why i said it's pure genius is that you are doing something that's borderline cheating, but not really because you actually told them what they are getting. I managed to sell 7 cubs all ranging from 2-4k in less then 2 hours, and if you take into account that the cubs can be bought from a vendor in Winterspring then you can have a good stock of these and sell them to hasty buyers.

   Just so you are ready, after the people realize what they have done they will either want their gold back, or call you bad names, which if you are a good goblin you will not give in to either.

   So good luck with your sales and as always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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