Saturday, November 26, 2011

Outland Dungeon Runner/Farmer (Part 3)

   So, here we are for the last part of the Outland dungeon farming post. In case you didn't get to read the previous two posts, you can find the first one and second one by clicking on the links. In this last part, i will cover the last three instances that are all around Tempest Keep. But enough of that, lets get down to the facts of the instances.


    The Mechanar,  the first in the three instances that can be found in Netherstorm around Tempest Keep. This instance should be looked at as a possible gold mine. What i mean with this is, well it's a freaking gold mine, it's filled with a lot of humanoids as well as demons which means a lot of cloth, signets, marks, armaments etc.

   Best thing about this instance aside with the fact that it has a lot of  easy to kill mobs, is the fact that it can be done in about 10 minutes (depending on how long it takes you to loot all the dead bodies)
Time Required  : 10 Minutes
Items Acquired :
- Netherweave Cloth x 70
- Fel Armament x 2
- Arcane Tome x 2
- Mark Of Sargeras x 10
- Sunfury Signet x 20
- Gold Acquired x 80 ( this is with selling the trash you get as well, so this is a +- 10g )
Average Gold Per Hour : 2550g/h


   The Botanica is the second instance in the Tempest Keep. This instance is pretty much the same deal as The Mechanar, but instead of demons you get to kill flower like mobs that will be annoying, wont drop anything, ahh did i mention annoying?

   Well even with the annoying mobs this instance has a high gold per hour value due to the high volume of humanoids there, and for some reason i've gotten a higher then normal rate of drop on the tomes and signets per run from this instance then any other.

Time Required  : 12 Minutes
Items Acquired :
- Netherweave Cloth x 50
- Arcane Tome x 4
- Sunfury Signet x 30
Gold Acquired x 95 ( this is with selling the trash you get as well, so this is a +- 10g)
Average Gold Per Hour : 2075g/h 


   The third and last instance in the Tempest Keep area, is The Arcatraz. This instance is probably a Blizzard's way of implying Alcatraz, which was a very famous prison in the US, mainly because in running this instance you will get squat, zip, nada for loot from mobs.

   The instance is filled with shadow fiend like creatures, and some demons in the start and then some humanoids, but all in all not anything else worth mentioning about this instance.

Time Required  : 10 Minutes
Items Acquired :
- Netherweave Cloth x 20
- Mark Of Sargeras x 10
Gold Acquired x 50 ( this is with selling the trash you get as well, so this is a +- 10g)
Average Gold Per Hour : 570g/h 

   So that's about it with the Outland instances, and their gold worth farming wise. Before i take off i would like to say that, all the instances i ran to get the information about the three posts i did, i used my druid tank who is not geared at all, but non the less its a druid that can tank and heal himself which doesn't slow him down a bit. What this means is that the times i've put in there are from my point of view, if you happen to run them with another class you might get different timings, but it shouldn't be that much off.

   Before you go on telling me that i've forgotten all about the instances in the Caverns Of Time, i haven't, but knowing that it's basically a timed event and it cannot be rushed i didn't do it. ( The fact that i've hated it ever since i had to do the alchemy specialization quest has nothing to do with it )

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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