Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Engineering For No Profits .. Yeah Right !

   Through my time spent in World Of Warcraft i have had people come to me with the statement that Engineering is the most worthless profession, and that there is no way one could make a profit from it. Well this post is going to be a place where i can direct those people, and will prove their claims wrong.

   Engineering as a profession happens to be one of my favorite professions, not for it's gold making aspect, but rather for it's fun aspect. Having those rocket boots, belts that turn you invisible, mounts that show off to everyone that  you are an awesome engineer etc. are all what got me drawn to this profession back when i first started it.

   Well after the initial fun factor you start thinking how to profit from it. At a first glance you end up with a grim conclusion, you don't have the ability to make anything that will make you profit.

   That is what most of the engineers come to think, so they come out with the conclusion that their profession is crap, and that the ability to earn from it is simply not there, so they take their frustration and leave, or go whine on the forums.

   There is one advice i can give you, and that advice is simple, don't be one of those people. Engineering might be a bit of a weird profession, and more of a PvP oriented profession, like many would call it, but it's far from being a worthless profession but rather a high earner, if you know how to do it properly that is. I will give you a few pointers as to what to make and how to do it properly in continuation.


   First off, the pet making market is one of the markets that can net in some great profits for a skilled engineer.
For the best pets that can be used to make gold from engineering you can find in the Gold Pets Continued post, so i won't go into re writing the same content twice, but in short those pets will make you awesome profits.


Feel the love of the chopper owners
   Engineers have the unique ability to make a certain mount in the game that no one else can make, yup i'm talking about the Mechano-Hog mount. It used to be that you needed to be exalted with the Warsong Offensive to obtain the pattern, but that might have been changed, i'm not sure. If it has been changed then anyone can get it, if not then you'll have to do a bit of leg work to get it, but in the long run you will only make gold from it.

   There's one thing that you need to know about making these mounts though, and that is the fact that you will need to have some gold so you can actually buy the needed parts from the vendor in K3, so if you are totally broke you can't make these right away. Fact is that with the usual prices, the mats worth of crafting a bike is about 12k and you can sell them anywhere from 14-20k per bike depending on your server, so that's a good way to make a decent profit.

Miscellaneous Items

   As i said before engineering is quite a fun profession due to it's ability to make different kinds of fun things, as well as things that go boom. Among these "fun" things there are a few very profitable items that can make you some profit as well.

Gnomish Army Knife
This is one of those profitable items that almost no one is ever selling them. Reason why these items are worth selling, is that in one item you have a blacksmith hammer, mining pick, skinning knife, heck it even has flint and tinder, so in 1 item you have everything you might need. So make these knives, post them on the AH, and then do some advertising on trade channel with a catchy phrase and look at those profits pile up.

Electrified Ether
Yup this is another one of the profitable items, the reason behind the sales of these ones is not clear to me, basically because any engineer can make them, where they end up with 2-3 from using 2 Volatile Air, and the reason why i can't understand why it's selling is that i've been selling them for anywhere from 15-35g per one while the Volatile Airs have been going from 8-15g. But even with all the unclear reasons why it's selling, it's selling, so that's the important thing we need to remember and then turn it to our advantage and profit from it.

Big Daddy
This item is a bit of a limited market, due to the fact that you are "shooting" at a very narrow portion of the market, namely the PvP oriented engineers that don't want to be bothered to craft them or farm for the mats. This one is not a huge seller but it can rack up some good profits in irregular intervals.

Flintlocke's Woodchucker
This is the weapon enchant that is unique for every hunter, and BIS enchant for them as well, and the way to obtain it is to get down with doing the Firelands daily quests. Make sure that you have at least 1 up on the AH at any given time and you will notice that the profit will not be far behind.

   So in a short summary, i gave you a proof that engineering is not a profession that has no profit making potential, but quite the opposite. So log in to that engineer and start making those profits anywhere you see fit, and next time someone tells you that engineering has no gold making potential, poke them in the eye or send them to this post, which ever you like the most.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. I currently also profit from:

    Fused Wirings (You need a JC & Eng to make yourself).
    Alliance can sell Overcharged Capacitors (for an Alliance Northrend quest).
    The new epic gun that also is learned with the new scope Firelands grind is also a decent seller and for high profits.

    The Flintlocke's Woodchucker has been awesome for sales. I sell from 450-750 gold. Often times I am the only seller for the day and I reset back up to 750 gold each and they still sell. I remember all the players who laughed at my post about stocking up on Dream Emeralds for the new scopes. I'm the one laughing as the bots have all but abandoned the ore markets and Dream Emeralds are getting harder to come by with only 1 or 2 on the AH when I check. And the ores prices are too expensive to be worth shuffling.

  2. See i totally agree with the woodchucker being an awesome profit maker, it's just a damn shame i never got my hunter that's a engineer to do all the daily quests, but instead i told a friend of mine to do it and he's been making a killer on the AH with those. (As for not doing the dailies, it's because i already did it with 4 others and couldn't stomach doing another one)

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