Monday, November 7, 2011

Preparing To Ride The Storm

   So here we are, a week or two, maybe three away from the landing of the next patch Blizzard has in stock for us. This patch is going to bring in some new dungeons, a new raid, but most importantly it is going to bring opportunity to make gold. If you are one of those people that really look forward to making some gold off of this patch, then you need to know a few things, namely you will need to stock up on materials.

   As you can see on the image these guys are "stocking up", well not really, they are probably getting ready for a party, but the basics are the same. So like these guys have booze and snacks, that's how you will need materials for the patch, and the best time to get them, if you haven't already, is now.

   I will try and point out some of the things that people should stock up, things that are always in demand and that you can't loose with.

   As a starter up, if you would like to profit off the start of the patch you might want to get a healthy stock of enchanting materials. This is a good idea due to the fact that with the release of the new patch comes new gear, hence people will want to enchant it, and from there the increase of demand. So Hypnotic Dust, Greater Celestial Essences, Heavenly Shards and Maelstrom Crystals should be on your to have list.

   As you can see on the image here, your stock should be something like this as a basic stock up, so you don't have to buy off the Auction House for your own needs. But, if you happen to be an enchanter, and intend on profiting from the enchanting materials by making scrolls, and then selling them, then you need to take this base stock and quadruple it, or even make it tenfold.

   When we are at the enchanting materials, there's something you need to know. Coming this patch we get Maelstrom Shatter, which is basically taking one Maelstrom Crystal, and breaking it into two Heavenly Shards. This is not a bad thing, as long as you know how to deal with it, and most importantly how to profit from it. So what this actually means is that the prices of the Heavenly Shards is gonna go down for quite a bit, while the prices of the Maelstroms is going to skyrocket. So my tip about this situation would be, get stocked up on Maelstrom Crystals now while they are cheap, and unload your Heavenly Shards now while their price is nice and high.

   So as a recap for enchanting materials, buy out those Maelstrom Crystals, and unload those Heavenly Shards.

   Enchanting is not the only thing you want to get stocked up, if you happen to be a jewelcrafter you want to have a healthy stock of gems (yes i know there are epic gems coming with this patch but until you get them you are going to be using these).

   Usually on patch day, especially when there's new justice points gear and new PvP gear available gem sales and gem prices explode. Last patch i managed to make 270k gold in 5 hours just from selling gems, overpriced, but still, sales are sales.

   This was pretty much a no brainer, but still there are people out there claiming that the gem prices are going to crash because epic gems are going to be the new hotness, but that's simply wrong.

   If you are not into the enchanting market, or lack a proper jewelcrafter and have a blacksmith or a leatherworker, then this would be a good time to catch the last train for the "Restock Express".

   As a blacksmith, you want to get a nice stock of Elementium Bars, alongside with Pyrium Bars and Volatiles, like the Fire, Water and Earth. The reason for stocking up on these is that you will need them to craft all the belt buckles, the new gear that gets shipped in the patch, as well as the weapon chains and the Orb weapons.
   Another thing you want to stock up on is Truegold, and if you want to know why check out my previous post The Era Of The Truegold ... Let It Come

   So, in a nutshell, this would be it for stocking up with materials for blacksmithing.

   Same as the blacksmith, if you are a leatherworker you will want to stock up on some volatiles so you can craft some of the PvP gear, that hopefully gets a new boost up, but might not happen. But even with no boost on the PvP front, you will certainly get big sales on the pants armor kits.

   So as a overview of the entire post, buy Maelstrom Crystals, sell Heavenly Shards, buy Elementium Ore/Bars, Buy Leather. (you will buy if the price is low or normal, don't go and buy at inflated prices, there really shouldn't be any reason why you should)

   So there we are ladies and gentle goblins, that's all for this post, and like always, keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.

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