Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Profession Grabbing Profits

   As any player of World Of Warcraft would tell you, be it a new player or a long time veteran of the game, World of Warcraft is a game which offers many diverse ways of making gold to fuel your needs and fill your bags so you can buy all those things you might end up needing, or repairing that armor after you had your behind handed to you by a nasty Dragon. So if there are so many ways of making gold, how do you choose which ones to take upon and use to earn your profits? Well it's quite simple, you choose the ones that give you maximum return profits at the minimum time required, or a way that would incorporate into your free available time.

   Well no matter how much free time you have, it's always a no brainer that  the best route to take is the one where you spend 1 gold to make 10 gold without having to do pretty much anything special.

   These opportunities are usually not always out there in plain sight, because let's be honest, if it were that easy and everyone would be able to do it, then everyone would know and noone would pay the price. So this is where the ones with the information on where and how will be the ones to reap the profits.

   So this is where you, as a gold making goblin armed with the right set of tools (information), will take on those opportunities and make great profits on them. But enough with beating around the bush lets get down to the hard cold facts and the how to.

   First to define what we are gonna do. We are gonna do a simple game of selling the items that are already up for sale, so we wont have to be farming anything, or kill any mobs, and no i'm not gonna tell you to buy a sword and relist it for a higher price, because there are already way too many people doing that dance with the selling of gear on the AH and the trade channel. No we are gonna take on one of the most used and most neglected section of the market by almost everyone, the profession powerleveling market.

   Yup, those are the guys we are going to be aiming for, because as you can see on the demotivational on the right it pretty much shows it as it is, bunch of guys that don't want to get to the cheese (which in this case is the max level profession) without having to go through the maze (which in their case is farm all the materials that they will need to do it ).

   Just as a clarification, we are not gonna be looking at one particular profession but rather all the professions in general and from it we will take on the one ones that we find to offer the best profits.

   That's was the What, and now we are going down to the How bit of the post. There are many possible ways of finding the best items to keep your eyes on, but from my experience you want to take on the most used information when it comes to powerleveling a certain profession, and the way to do this is by asking the all mighty Google. The first place it will send you to is WoW-Professions where you will be given the choice to choose which profession would you like to level? After you have chosen, it will give you a list of items you will need to get that profession leveled up following that given guide.

   As an example, if we choose Alchemy, we can see the list of all the herbs that are needed, and from here what we can do is check the prices of those herbs on the AH or simply go over to TUJ and check the prices from there. (If you are not familiar with The Undermine Journal check the TUJ Part 1 and TUJ Part 2 posts)
You want to focus more on the lower level herbs as they are the ones that are the least farmed and in the highest demand due to everyone who is powerleveling some profession will be buying them out.

   If you choose to do the price check by manually it will take on some time due to having to alt tab and check the names, and then check the prices, so i would recommend using the TUJ for that bit because it will give you a clean breakdown on the prices of all herbs along with the visual representation of the stock available on the auction house, as well as the little slider bar which is telling you if the price is low or high on that item compared with the prices seen on the AH in the past.

   So what you would want to do is for instance, like we said we would be checking the alchemy we can see that Goldthorn, Briarthorn, Sungrass are all in high demand, and usually people don't really look at that so they would post stacks upon stacks of whatever they have leftover for next to nothing, and that is where you take on the charge and flip it for those great profits we were talking about. As you can see the price of the Goldthorn is  10g per item which is racking up at 200g per stack while i spent 15g per stack to buy them (Granted i should have taken the screenshot when the price was low as well but heck what's done it's done you get the idea anyways)

   So what you want to do is like i said, check that list for items that you will need, then check the TUJ for the actual price of the items, and once you find items that are with low price but high demand, check your local AH buy those puppies out and repost them back at the high price and watch those profits rack up.

   Well like i said there are more then one ways to skin a cat, and if you don't want to go through WoW-Professions and TUJ you might want to give a quick glance to one of the sites that i mentioned in                 The Spotlight post, that being Warcraftprofessional.

   This site is pretty much like the TUJ and WoW-Professional put into one sweet package with a twist, and that twist being that it will give you an estimate on how much gold you would need to fork out to get it up to Max skill.

   As you can see on the image on the right, it gives you the estimate on the cost to powerlevel that profession, as well as the individual cost of every single item that's included into that overall price as well as a little colored box (green or red) where it's telling you if that price is high for that item, or it's low, so pretty much like the slider option that the TUJ offers.

   So just so we are clear, in this post i took the first profession that was there, alchemy, as an example but this whole strategy can be used on ANY and i do repeat ANY profession out there that requires any materials.

   And there it is, you follow these steps and you will be able to find a good deal of awesome deals that by simply taking the stacks of cheap materials and reposting them back on the Auction House at prices that are x3,  x5 or even x10 will make you those sweet awesome profits. 

   Well, like always keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


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