Thursday, November 24, 2011

Outland Dungeon Runner/Farmer (Part 2)

   This post is a direct continuation from the previous Part 1 post, which is kinda implied by the title. In this post i will give you the "numbers" behind running the TBC dungeons, and is it worth it your time to do it, opposed to the usual farming by gathering. Well enough with that, lets get down to the facts, and get this show on the road.


   Sethekk Halls is the third instance in the Terrokar Forest zone. This instance is a rather short one, well actually the shortest one i did in all the runs i did for getting the information about this and the previous post. But besides it's short duration it is not the best place to be farming, purely for the fact that it's not very profitable.

   Everything you kill in here will give you loot in the form of cloth and trash, but other than that you wont get pretty much anything else.

Time Required : 8 Minutes
Items Acquired:
- Netherweave Cloth x 40
- Gold Acquired x 75g ( this is with selling the trash you get as well so this is a +- 10g )
Average Gold Per Hour : 885g/h


   The Steamvault is the first of the two instances that are in Zangarmarsh. This instance has a very good gold per hour ratio, but even better if you happen to have herbalism you can gather the herbs from the dead bodies from the fallen mobs.

   In this instance you will be fighting naga, this on it's own means that the drops you will be getting are going to be Netherweave Cloth, and some smelly fish remains. But one thing that makes this instance a good place to farm is that you will be getting Coilfang Armament drops that can be sold on the Auction House. If you haven't played back in TBC, then you should know that these items can be turned in to get your reputation up with the Cenarion Expedition.

Time Required : 15 Minutes
Items Acquired:
- Netherweave Cloth x 10
- Coilfang Armaments x 20
- Gold Acquired x 70 ( this is with selling the trash you get as well so this is a +- 10g )
Average Gold Per Hour : 1120g/h


   The Slave Pens is the second instance in Zangarmarsh. This instance is a rather quick one, but same as the Sethekk Halls one, but the cloth output you get from doing this instance is even lower, which in return means even lower gold per hour.

   This instance has one thing you need to know, well it's not a ground breaking thing but still, after you kill the first and second bosses don't forget to press the consoles behind the bosses so you will be able to engage the final boss.

Time Required : 10 Minutes
Items Acquired:
- Netherweave Cloth x 20
- Gold Acquired x 50 ( this is with selling the trash you get as well so this is a +- 10g )
Average Gold Per Hour : 456g/h

  Like i said in the previous post, while doing all these instances you will be getting green/blue drops. Don't vendor these items right away, but rather check out how they appear, because if you happen to like them or the way they look like, there's a good chance  someone else will like it too and with the coming of the transmogrification in the next patch those items are gonna be real good gold earners.

 Well this is what i had tested for this post, there's one more post coming that i will cover the rest of the instances that can be found in Outland.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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