Monday, October 31, 2011

The Spotlight (October)

   Unlike all the other posts i have made that are all about how to make gold, or how to configure certain addons that will help you make gold, i would like to make it a recurring event where at the end of the month i would put the "spotlight" on certain sites, addons, podcasts or anything else that is deemed worthy. Even though i am going to do this first post of it's kind, i would love to see people leave their comment with a recommendation to something that you think is worth putting up here, so lets get on with it.

   First, I would like to put the spotlight to some Podcasts:


   This is an awesome Podcast which is all about two friends, Twilzzle and R9sid9nt9vil, talking about World of Warcraft, and what they have done and what is happening in general in the WoW universe. At the moment of the writing of this post they are at post number 15, (they post one per week) and i have been lucky enough to start following them from their third episode, and have enjoyed their podcast all the way. If you are one of those people that have a long commute to work, or a job where you sit at the PC working all day, why not check these guys out , i'm sure they will help you get through that work day faster.

   Before you run off and decide to crank up the volume, know one thing, this podcast is rated M for Mature, because you will hear the F bomb dropped alot.

   As an added explanation about this podcast, and the reason why i decided to put it as first is the ending of their podcast prize giveaway. What i mean about this is that like many podcasts out there that have some kind of a prize give away, so did these guys, but what's different is that the winner of theirs proved to me that there are still decent human beings by giving his price away, and in return he asked that one of the readers that wrote in the previous episode, that still didn't have Cataclysm bought be given a key to the expansion, so he can enjoy it. So two thumbs up from me.


   This is another great podcast for all of you WoW lovers out there as it covers almost all the new and soon to come news. There are three guys that are leading this podcast Scott Johnson, Willy Dills Gregory and Turpster (If i misspelled someone's name i'm sorry) with the occasional appearance of some guest be it a blogger, podcast runner or a game developer that would discuss info on an upcoming game, so definitely a podcast you can enjoy if you enjoy WoW.

   At the moment these guys are at episode 250 (yeah a milestone) and it's very entertaining even if you listen to their older episodes, the entertainment value is not lost. Only thing i am sorry is that i got on to listening to it like a year ago and not earlier.

 This podcast unlike RGR is not M rated, and can be enjoyed anywhere without someone giving you an awkward eye for F bombs coming from your speakers or headphones.

   And unlike the previous two spotlights that were shun on podcasts, i would like to point the reflector of the last one on a particular site that i found out to be well made and worth the look.


   The reason why i chose this little site for this occasion is very simple, because it can help you figure out how much gold it would cost you to powerlevel any profession with the current prices of the mats required on any server.

   For now check it out, and in a future post i will try and make a gold making post that will include this site in it as well, and will show you how to profit on it.

   Well that's all for this post, and like i said in the start of the post, if you know of a certain podcast a site or anything that is worth mentioning and is about WoW,  leave a comment and i might put it in another Spotlight post that i will try and make once per month. 


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Farming The Old To Get The Gold


   Well before i get on talking all about how to cash in on your character by farming, i want to say it once again that i suck at the general farming part due to me loosing my nerves and bailing out on it,but this little way i am going to explain to you here is not actually something that will get you annoyed, or require you to do the same 'ol repetitive task.

    Ok, since i said that i dislike farming, and i have posted a pretty self explanatory image above it is becoming clear that this way of farming that i'm talking about includes running the old Vanilla Raid instance BWL (Blackwing Lair). Many of the people that are playing nowadays joined the WoW train around WOTLK, or even Cataclysm. Nowadays it's quite rare to find someone that joined in TBC, and as for finding someone that played back in Vanilla, well that's pretty much like getting an epic back in  Vanilla (only people that played back then will know what i mean by this), so it doesn't really  make me wonder why people aren't doing the old raids, it's simple, they dont know about them.

   Before you get down with the idea to doing this, you need to be aware of a bit of a loophole this raid has, what i mean about this is that you will need to go through the attunement for the raid, and secondly you will need 2 friends to come with you to help you with the first boss (you could try with 1 friend or even solo, because there are videos out there showing how it's done) due to the mechanics of the fight where you will need to MC the boss while your friends defend you and the boss.

   So lets get down to the bare facts as to why this particular raid is a great gold maker. Time wise BWL will require about 30 minutes of your time to finish, and if you take two friends and kill every boss in there you will each get 450g from the kills alone. If you roll on epics and then vendor them you get some additional 50ish gold but this is not the great farming opportunity i was talking about, but rather more like a consolation price for your time spent.

   The main gold income from BWL comes from not from killing bosses, but from killing these little goblins named Blackwing Technician, and the reason why you would go on a vendetta like rampage against them is very very simple, they have a chance to drop
an Elementium Ingot which after smelted by a miner is what the legendary sword Thunderfury is made of.

   You will find these guys a bit inside the instance, i think it was after the 3rd boss in there, but don't hold me to the word, but no matter what you will see them because they are not just a few, they are quite numerous which means you get to kill a lot of them and  in return can yield some nice drops of ingots which on the AH sell for anywhere from 500-1500g. As a visual representation of their drop rates

check the image on the loot roll table from killing just one group, yup that's right, you can get 2 or even more ingots per group and if i'm right there should be like 5 big groups in there so that ends up being a big pile of Ingots that you can sell for even bigger piles of gold.

   If you are doing this run with friends, kill those mobs and share the love and the loot, but if you are in there with random people you suckered in to come in promising awesomeness then leave them alone and proceed to kill all the bosses, then wave them away and as soon as they are gone go back and get your ingots, but while looting them chuckle maniacally and whisper words like MY PRECIOUS MY PRECIOUS !

   That was about it for the gold making part of this instance,  and now i am going to tell you yet about another thing that makes this raid worth your time, and that is the fact that this raid has one of the best looking models in the game. So if you are a character that can wield swords, maces or two-handers then by all means do go and check your luck acquiring some of the loots from this place, simply because the models are gorgeous as you can see on the image below where i've showed the models for "Doom's Edge", "Draconic Avenger" and "Draconic Maul", and the best part about these, they are all trash drops, so you might get them while you are hacking and slashing the trash mobs.

   One last piece of advice i can give is that if you don't have a friend that can come with you on that particular run at that time, simply ask on trade because there are alot of people out there that are trying to get their T2 models in preparation for the drop of 4.3 and the release of Transmoging.

   So as a recap, with about 30 minutes of your time you get 450g guaranteed gold from the bosses, you kill the Technicians and get Ingots and you get a chance to get your T2 armor as well as a chance to get some of the best looking weapons in the game (according to me so if you have a different taste then it's cool). So who says that farming needs to be boring, well conventional farming is boring but i like this way more and the gold yield is much higher then flying for herbs or ores.

   This was it for today and as always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


Monday, October 24, 2011

The Auction House Bait

   Have you ever been in a place where you wanted to buy a certain gem or a glyph on the AH after getting that shiny new piece of gear but when you got to the AH you saw that the price of that item be it a gem or enchanting scroll or even a glyph is so high that made you puke a little bit inside your mouth.

   Well it doesn't even have to be that you need that item for yourself, it just might be that you are selling that particular item as well but you want to drive down the competition a bit and make them basically give you the item for a dirt cheap price where afterwards you go back repost it back on the AH and get all the profits, well this process is what i like to call AH Baiting and i will explain why the name.

   You see the image here i kinda stumbled upon it by accident but i'll be damn it depicts exactly what this strategy is all about, you will Bait and then Tackle the opposition down from the market.

   First thing you need to understand before you start is that 90% of the people that are posting and reposting all those auctions use some kind of a addon to post their auctions be it Auctioneer or TSM but what they don't really do is they almost never check for the lowest post and they simply click away and post their load and this is where you jump in and i will go in details about this as to how it looks like.

   One thing worth mentioning would probably be that this strategy works best for items that are in high demand like gems, flasks, pots, beltbuckles and even glyphs, and the best times for doing this is during peek hours like between 7pm - 1am, and the reason as to why this is the case is because there's most people that are buying and selling their auctions that period of the day, hence your best time to try and catch those big fish.

      As the example for this i have taken the screen shot from the TSM addon where its showing the information about the purple Retaliating Demonseye. If you take a quick peek at the information there you'll see that everything under that red line is prices around 175g per gem with give or take a few silver pieces, now with the introduction of the actual bait which in this instance is a single gem posted at 45g (this is a price that you can set to be as low as you feel like you want to go) you can see that there have already been someone that has undercut my bait with 4 gems with the standard undercut.

   As it is in this example you would probably go like, pff it's just a stupid Demonseye gem, nothing exotic. Well i'll try and get a screenshot of the new big undercut i do with the Red Inferno Rubies. For an example few nights ago i did this same thing like with the Demonseye but instead of it i went for the Brilliant Inferno Rubies, and on my server their moving price is somewhere between 80-250g depending on the day, well that night their current price was hovering at 120g and i was kinda running low on the red raw gems so i decided to try out my angling skills and try and bait out some cheap gems, and boy did it work. I posted 3 Brilliant gems at 35g each and like 3 minutes later i had 3 guys undercut me where one was undercutting me with 10 gems the other one with 7 and the third one had 25 gems up there, and all of them were at less then 35g. Needless to say i bought them all out and then cleaned house on the remaining 10ish gems on the AH and reset the price back to 250g. That night i sold them all at prices ranging 220-250g (the guys i undercut didn't stay away totally so they came back for round two so i had to battle it out with them on the AH but they lost their 250g worth gems for 30g previously). So there i was i got 40ish gems with them being pure profit ranging from 100-200g by not doing anything special, hell you dont even have to be a jewelcrafter to take advantage of this strategy.

   This doesn't stop at gems but like i said you can do this with beltbuckets, pots, flasks hell with all the high demand items to be honest, and pretty much anything that anyone would put in their posting addon.

   Just so you are aware, once you put down your baits know there's a good chance that someone might simply buy out your item be it a legit buyer or even a camper that knows his stuff (but those are not something you see alot) so it's pretty much like fishing, you need to throw a small fish to catch the big fish, or if you throw the big fish you might catch Moby Freaking Dick but if you get too greedy you might end up with just Moby's last name, if you catch my drift.

   So there we are, if you fancy yourself a good AH angler or simply want to try out the baiting then get your fishing pole and get to it, and like always keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

Friday, October 21, 2011

New Expansion Announced

The new WoW expansion has just been announced ,,,  WORLD OF WARCRAFT - (Panda Land) Mists Of Pandaria

For everyone that has paid for the stream good for ya for those that haven't paid but what to watch it check it out on

Will try and keep the links live as much as i can so just follow the last link

FTP Stream

2nd Stream

Weird how they are closing come streams while in their EULA it states that you are allowed to stream if you are not making profit out of it ...

Things announced so far: ( Will update this as the thing progresses )

- Mists Of Pandaria expansion
- New Playing Class (Monk) and Race that will be available to both Horde And Aliance
- New Talent Trees
- Outdoor Bosses

- PvE Battlegrounds
- Instance Challenge Mode
- Pet Battle System

pass: blizz2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Making Gold Out Of Thin Air (Trade Channel)

   For some reason i simply enjoy making gold and my best guess as to why would be simple, my inner goblin is making me do it. Now you might have a inner goblin as well or maybe you simply have a need for gold to pay up for those pesky raiding repair bills or you want that new shiny mount or that new AH sword, but no matter what the need for that gold would be it's always good when you see those profits coming at you, and especially if don't really have to be doing anything that would make you do complex math, gathering data or god forbid go farm, well in this post i'll give you an idea as to what one of these ways would be that has worked well for me for months.

   This awesome thing i'm telling you about could be called simply Valor Resale, and the reason to it's name is simply because you are selling the valor purchasable items. Now before you go "Meh i ain't got no Valor so i don't care about this" let me tell you that you don't need to have a single point of valor to be doing it.

   The way this whole thing works is so simple that it will make you do a facepalm for not doing it all this time.

   Ok so down to the point, you must have seen all those people in trade channel (unless you've gotten fed up with anal and dirge jokes and turned it off) that advertise something in the lines of   "WTS Valor bracers 2K" or something similar. Well that right there is the market i'm talking about and in order for you to be harvesting the profits of this market you only need to go and check out the names of the actual be it bracers/boots or whatever is next to come and then check their price on the AH.

   If you've done that you'll see that lets just say for kicks that guy was selling the Valor Bracers for 2K and we check and see that there are no bracers [Pure Awesomeness Bracer] (this one was made up so don't go googling it) up on the AH or someone has put one up for 8K. Now every fiber in your body goes "Pff 8k good luck selling that dumbass" but actually that guy is your best bet at selling your item because he has set the AH price of the item.

   If you are still confused as to what i'm saying let me break it down even more. People in general don't really know the names of the Valor items and in their head they think the item name is really VALOR Bracer/Boots and never bother to check the vendor, and simply you doing that and getting the name and then advertising the actual item in trade for a price that's twice or even more then what the guy with the Valor Bracer was asking for will be a success.

   The best case for this would be a few weeks ago i turned out to do my ad where i was selling my item right after someone else had put down a WTS Valor Bracers 2K, and i was asking for 5K and even saying it's 1K cheaper then the AH because someone had put it up for 6K on the AH. Weirdly enough i got a buyer asking to buy it for 4.5k and i was good with the price because as soon as i sold him that item i went and bought the same item from the guy that was selling the Valor Bracers for 2k and he even gave me a discount and i ended up getting it from him for 1700g, but to make it even more hilarious i sold that item as well later on that night for 5K. So in about an hour i got 5700g pure profit from me not going anywhere to farm anything or post gazillion auctions and getting hundreds of sales.

   One thing you should know is and be prepared for is that there will be people that will know that those are the Valor items and will whisper you offending names and what not, or even call out your bull out in trade channel and if that happens chill out for a few minutes and don't go spamming that ad aggressively because you don't want that bad rep, but you rather want your buyer to think you are doing him a favor by selling it to him for 1k cheaper rather then you trying to rob him blind.

   So like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Gems For Everybody !

   One of the best professions out there is and always has been the Jewelcrafting, and while many people are diverted back by the strong opposition and the fact their gems are usually undercut in less then 10 minutes but that doesn't have to be the case. What i mean with this is that if you don't want to face the giant head on then kneel down and bite his balls.

   Ok just so we are clear, the biting balls part was merely a comparison and no real biting is going to be required on your part. Now that we got that out of the way i'll actually get down to the real gold making facts, and those facts are quite simple, the forgotten market of the WOTLK gems.

   So before you get down with the idea of doing this whole thing you need to be aware that if you are serious about making gold with this way you will need to have the patterns for the gems or if you don't have the pattern that will require some old daily running so that you can acquire the patterns.

   Ok so right about now you are thinking that this can't be true and that the old gems market is as dead as it can get but that's why you would be dead wrong and i will give you a few pointers on how to do it properly and in the process make a killing on these gems.

   First thing you need to know is that these gems are contrary to common belief in very high demand among leveling up players and twinks, and the higher the population of a server is the greater the demand is and in return the greater the profit is.

   Now there are few things you need to understand about this market before you get into doing it and that is the fact that the supply of the raw gems is extremely limited nowadays due to everyone depleting their WOTLK stock and no one actually going out to farm saronite ore for the prospecting needs, but still there is a low flow of gems getting up on the AH from players leveling up their jewelcrafting and those players not caring about pricing their gems properly due to them wanting to offload them as soon as possible, but even that low supply is more then enough to fill your coffers to the brim with gold.
   Another thing you need to be aware about this is that you should be prepared to invest some gold into acquiring some starting gems be it from buying them straight from the AH as gems or buying some Saronite Ore.

   So like we said the higher the demand is the lower the supply is going to be due to the limited influx of raw gems to the market but even with that there's a good space for profits here, and even if you don't have the actual cut patterns there's a way to get around it and profit from it, though not as much as if you had the actual pattern and if you are wondering how keep reading.

   Ok so if you are still reading up i will take it for granted that you are interested in how to do this whole thing properly and get those great profits i'm talking about.

   Before you get down to evaluating the gems and starting to buy raw gems check out the old gems scene on your server and you are more then likely to see that someone has posted some old cut gems for 10-20g each or even epic ones for as low as 30-50g, if you see those buy them out every single time and the reason behind this is that i have made the prices for the blue ones at 95g while i'm selling the epic ones for 195g but have sold them for 295g as well but they are moving slower at this pace. (this is for me personally but you can choose your own prices be it higher or lower)
   Now that you have set your "mind" to the price ranges being 95g and 195g you need to get some gold and invest it in buying out any gems that are up there for anything lower then your target prices and posting them back up for your preffered price. Now this step is that usually deters people from getting in this market due to them having to invest 5, 10 or even more thousands of gold just to buy out the gems and instead of them looking at it as i'm paying 100g for this gem, you should be thinking i am going to be profiting 95g by simply reselling this gem on the AH.

   As you can see on the image ( crappy cropping job on my side due to people sending me chat messages in the My Sales reports ) the gems sell quite well, well at about 3-8k per day, the high points being weekends. 

   From my experience the best sales come from the red gems, no surprise there and from the King's Amber (yellow epic ones) due to the fact that one of the cuts is the +crit and +res one.

   So as a recap of this post, as a start you need to be doing the Dalaran daily JC quests if you don't have the patterns for the cuts, then you need to be on a constant look out for cheap raw gems on the AH so you can cut them for profit, and if you don't have the patterns or hell even if you don't have jewelcrafting and you see someone putting cheap cut gems out there keep buying them out because in the long run you will always profit due to that one person posting cheap gems is going to run out of stock very fast.

   One last thing before we close the book on this thing would be to check out the AH for Frozen Orbs as well as the 3 gems required for crafting the Icy Prism, this used to be a 24h cooldown craft but it was changed with the launch of Cataclysm and if you take into account that it can contain up to 3 rare gems an epic and even a dragon's eye this little guy can rake up some serious profit where one simple Prism can have up to the equivalent of  600g and it's cost could be as low as 30g so that's definitely something to keep your eyes on.

   So there, we are taking up a market that has a fairly good requirement and usually a low to none suppliers for it, and with that in mind we embark on a voyage of epic gold gathering cruise.

   So like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Researching the Competition ( TUJ Part 2 )

   So now that you have decided which corner of the market you would like to jump in after spending some time into doing your research of the market scoping out those good deals it is time to take a shot at evaluating the second most important thing in the market and that is the competition, and for this as well we will be using the The Undermine Journal.

   Now in the previous post i explained everything you needed to know to get a feel of the market you want to get into and like i said before it's time to get down to checking out if the competition is low, ok of being farmed by a farmer/botter. (FOR THIS INSTANCE I WILL BE TAKING INFORMATION FROM THE SERVER EU-RUNETOTEM ALIANCE SIDE)

   In this next bit i will explain how to get detailed information about a certain seller of a certain item so if by chance your server or name comes up in the explanation don't be a hater due to me explaining how to scope you out :) ( p.s. i decided to keep your anonimity so no danger to you ) ( Scoping - Term used when you are actively following a certain player only to undercut him on any and all auctions leading to him having to repost all his stock and eventually piss him off enough that he vacates your corner of the market )

   For this next part i will continue on like if you had decided to get into the Jewelcrafting market, and we will go step by step in the whole matter so lets begin.

   First things first open up The Undermine Journal and from there go into the Enhancements and Jewelcrafting.

    Provided you did that you will end up on a rather unique page of the TUJ where it shows all the gems and their prices all put down in a single page for you to follow and see which is the most profitable.

   Now you can click on any of the prices and from there it will take you to a page directly showing the details about that item. Now down to actually scoping out the competition, the best way to do this is simply open up some cut gems pages and see who the most active poster is down in the Recent Sellers portion of the page as you can see on the image below.

      So now that we have some vague idea as to what we can expect from the market we can either go and say, it's ok five guys i can beat that no problem and jump in straight away or you can spend a few more minutes and actually get the posting times of those guys and see if they are just a one time posters or a regular jewelcrafter that's pretty much supplying the whole server with gems, and the way of doing this is, you guested click on their name. Now that you have done that you are given a bit of information about that character as to what markets he's into (what items he's posting) what times he posts them at (this is the good part) and how many he has posted.

   Now i've taken the posting tables from 3 of the guys i saw that were posting gems and from what you can see from all those white and blue squares is that their posting times are not very cramped which means if you lets say for an instance are a late night bird and stay up till late you can easily take out the 2nd and 3rd competitors for the Late Night Shuffle but the 1st competitor is still going hard at it so you might have to brush elbows with him. On the other side if you are a early bird and wake up early in the morning like 7-8am then you should expect some strong competition in the first hour due to people waking up and going to work and posting their gems before doing so like you can see with the 2nd and 3rd poster.

  ( Just so we are clear for this example i took 3 guys that were showing up on 3 different gems but doing a research on posters only by basing it on 3 items would be wrong because you want to find the big posters not the one time guys so do a more extensive range of research and check all the gems for people that appear on the Sellers List, and if you see a name that shows up on almost every gem then you have a big fish and need to keep an eye on him)

    So to know your competition all you have to do is simply check out the profession you want to do, then check out the items for prices and availability and finally scope out the competition with their posting time so you have their schedule so you know what is the best time to undercut them and take those sweet profits.

   That was about it on how to do the research and just so we are clear this is not ONLY for Jewelcrafting but general for every single profession and item in the game, and all of that provided by our best friend TUMJ (The Undermine Journal)

   So like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Doing Your Research The Right Way (TUJ Part 1)

   Have you found yourself in a place where you happen to have a few characters all with their own set of professions that can make you gold but whenever you tried to craft something for a profit you simply can't seem to get it sold due to some weird cruel joke the universe is playing on you and instead of making gold you end up loosing a bunch of gold in the end, or so that is what you think. Well there are ways that can help you get these things to stay in the past and you to get on the fast train to profit town.

   So what you need to know so that you can avoid loosing gold and knowing what's a good place to invest is a bit of a good ol' homework (market research), and don't worry you wont be doing any complex algorithms nor reading tomes of useless junk, no you will be using the one and only TUJ (The Undermine Journal) for this.

   Once again where we will try and elaborate a bit on the whole idea on how to get an idea on which market you should get into that will make you all that gold that you crave for. I will try and cover a few aspects of the professions that can make you gold and by using those examples i'm pretty confident that you will get the right idea and the right info on what's going to work for you and ultimately make you gold, so lets get started. ( FOR THE PURPOSE OF THIS POST I HAVE TAKEN A RANDOM SERVER INFORMATION EU-SUNSTRIDER (Horde) IN THIS CASE BUT IN FUTURE POSTS I'LL CHOOSE DIFFERENT SERVERS SO YOU CAN SEE IT'S NOT SERVER DEPENDENT )

   Ok so firist thing you want to do when you want to start a proper research on the market in general is see what you have, what you can make, and how well you can sell those goods that you can provide. So for starters lets say you have an alchemist that can make pots and flasks, now that you know what you have and what you can make you need to see how profitable that is going to be for you and is it worth it that you invest time and gold into it. The right way of going about this is first thing you need to do is go and type in in your web browser    FOR EU Servers         FOR US Servers

and once you are there you need to get down to choosing your server, because that's the server you want to make gold on.

   Once you have arrived here you need to get your mouse in the Consumables rollover section and from there choose the Alchemy (or whatever other profession you want to check prices on) as you can see is shown on the image on the left.

   Once you've gotten yourself here there's a bit of information written down on the starting page as a way of explaining what is what, i wont go into details as to writing down what it is because it is very self explanatory and it's all laid down on the site so take a moment and read the legend there.

   Ok so you've read the legend and you are watching at those numbers next to the items in the left and wondering what is what, well keep on reading then.

   So after having read through the legend and getting an idea what Avail, Mats, Price, Mean is you can see that there's a bunch of numbers in there that some are green and others are red. Well what this is basically a street light effect telling you if there's profit to be made then it's green if there's a loss in making that item it's red (pretty simple huh), so as you can see lets say you want to try and get your feet wet by selling some flasks on the AH what do you sell. We can see that Flask of Steelskin, Winds and Draconic Mind all have a cost (mats worth) of about 20g to make while selling them at an average price 40ish gold. So this means that on every single flask you sell you get a 100% profit and that's quite good to be honest, but take a good look at the availability which shows is that there are 200 300 or even 500 of those flasks up on the AH which means if you are thinking of getting into that bit of the market then get ready to brush up your elbows off the competition for that piece of the profit pie.

    For the sake of argument lets say you didn't like your odds about the flasks and you want to try something else, maybe your spec in alchemy is as a potion master and you want to make profit by selling potions, then what you do is take a peek at the potion prices.

   If you see the prices there you will notice right away that there's some sweet profit to be made in the potions corner of the market as the crafting prices of the potions is 1-4g across the table while many of them are selling for prices raging 4-16g per potion ( take a look at the Potion Of Treasure Finding it sells for 140g, and yes that's the one that when you drink it it gives you a chance to acquire those Tiny Treasure Chests that usually contain volatiles, cloth, greens and gold ). So as we can notice if you were on that server and had alchemy you could make some good profits by jumping in on the potions market.

   So we started off this post with the assumption that you had alchemy, what if your lets say have a Leatherworker that you want to use to make gold with what do you do ? Well same as with the Alchemy first thing you choose the Leatherworking from the Enhancements rollover and from there you get the chart for leather working.

   Just like we saw up on the chart for alchemy we can notice the same setup here as well, in the first column you have the availability on the item on the AH at the given time, followed up by the cost of the mats for the crafting of the item ( that price is taken from the current price of the given mats from the AH at the given time ) and then you have the profit/loss column, but as you can see on the image which portraits the PvP gear that leatherworkers can craft it's green from top to bottom, well with the exclusion of that one item there but that's besides the point.

   This whole way of checking out which items are worth buying and investing in can be done safely before you ever have to invest a single piece of gold in a commodity you don't know how it's going to pan out by simply doing a bit of research which shouldn't take you more then 5 min and in return save you thousands of gold and net you those huge profits. Best thing about using this site to do your research is that you can do a quick research just about any item of interest being that you want to invest into materials so you can craft items, or if someone wants to sell you a piece of gear but you don't know what it's real worth is this is the place to check it out on.

   And so we come to the conclusion that by using our brains and actually doing the bit of a research on the matter we can get a pretty good idea as to what items are worth investing time and gold in, be it that it's alchemy, leatherworking, blacksmithing, jewelcrafting or anything you might think of we can be sure that we will make profits and by taking those given prices we can know a rough estimate of how much exactly we can expect to get out of our investment.

    So remember before you go buy buy buy do your research so when the time for sell sell sell comes you don't go QQ QQ QQ.

   And like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Ultimate Gambler ... Profiting ??

   Ok, so i usually write about ways and trick on how to make gold while you are using the buy low, sell back at a profitable price, or even craft this, dominate market then profit. Today i would like to make a short post about something that caught my eye, which i think is something close to brilliant.

   What i'm talking about is a guy i saw that was barking on trade channel offering 30g per Heavy Junkbox ,which on it's own is an item any rogue can pickpocket from humanoid mobs that are 55-59 level. I have to admit, once i saw his barks i was immediately intrigued as to why he was buying them and i asked. His answer was dodgy at the least he told me he was getting rep with the Ravenhold Mannor, which could be the case but there was something that simply didn't add up, he wanted the lockboxes UNOPENED. So i left him be and didn't put too much stock into what he was doing until the next day i saw that same guy on the AH posting Teebu's Blazing Longsword for 50k gold.

    Now for those of you who weren't around in Vanilla WoW, or have never heard about this item, it's a sword that's really really resembling a lightsaber and even though it's stats are close to nothing coming patch 4.3 with the introduction of Transmogrification you will be able to make your weapon look like a lightsaber.  There are many people out there willing to shell out some serious gold, just so they can make their character as unique as possible. The catch with it is that it's a very very rare world drop and the Heavy Junkboxes have a 0.01% of dropping it.
   So like i said in the title if you happen to be one of those people that enjoy a bit of gambling, or maybe have even tried the Mysterious Fortune Cards but didn't like their taste then you might consider taking up the ULTIMATE GAMBLE and try and obtain this elusive item be it through farming it or gambling for it by barking trade and offering a price for Heavy Junkboxes.

   So like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Enchanting Your Way To Profit

   Today we'll take a bit of time to cover the enchanting aspect of the game and what it does and how to get the profits from doing all that enchanting so lets begin.

   Before i start going in details i would like to point out that there are many, and i do mean MANY people out there that have claimed that they can't level up their enchanting due to the fact that it's too expensive and they can't afford it, well if you are one of those people you are DEAD WRONG. Enchanting just happens to be one of the only professions that happens to be able to get profit from anything you enchant with a bit of a patience. ( Before i continue going on about what to do here is what NOT to do, DON'T enchant a single enchant on your own item over and over overwriting the previous enchant just so you can level, but instead put the enchants on a enchanting vellum usually found from the inscription supplier).

   So there you are leveling enchanting and in the process of it's leveling you are putting all your enchanting runs in a vellum and now instead of a wasted enchant on a useless piece of gear that you will never use you have a bag full of enchanting vellums that you can sell to the AH to make profit. I will not go about telling you which ones to choose to level it up faster or to make profit because that is always in a state of a flux which means you will have to check the prices of the enchants on the AH and see which ones are worth making so you can turn a profit on them.  (FOR A GUIDE ON POWERLEVELING ENCHANTING)

   Ok so you've followed the guide there and now you've gotten to the point where you can't level any more seeing as how you are 525 and maxed out so what now, well it's simple PROFIT TIME!

   One of the first things you want to do is go to your trainer and next to him you'll find a guy selling patterns for you to learn new 525 enchants ( It used to be that the only place you could get those enchants was from the vendor in Twilight Highlands but they changed it so now everyone can get it ). After you've learned those enchants which you can buy for enchanting materials as currency you should be prepared to shell out some gold and purchase the enchanting formulas which are the four main enchants for bracers ( Agility, Strength, Intellect and Stamina) as these are gonna be a major seller and a good boost to your own version of the Piles'O Gold image above.

   So now you've leveled up to 525 you've bought the Formulas from the vendor and you've acquired the ones from the AH (they are world BoE so if you were lucky enough to get em that way good for you) so what's the next step ?  Well the next step is the minimum effort maximum profit time. You need to open up TSM and in there make a section where you will input every single scroll you can make and value it up according to how much the worth is on the materials that are needed for that particular item and then set your upper threshold to be something like x8 of the base cost of the materials while the lowest point would be something like 150% of the worth of the materials. So for an example if you are selling a X enchant that requires Y,Z to make and the cost of Y,Z is 100g then you post the upper price as 800g and the lowest price at 150g that way no matter what you will be making profit seeing as how the posting fee for the scrolls is close to nothing. ( In case you don't know how to tweak out TSM check out the previous post covering that issue)

   Normally now that you are 85 and maxed out you will want to be able to enchant yourself as well as your friends which is just normal and you should expect other people to want the same thing, meaning to get their gear enchanted with the best possible enchant there is and that's the top tier enchanting which is good but don't forget about posting the enchants that twinks will want for their characters as those enchants hold almost as much profit if not more as the top tier enchants. I'll post a few of the enchants on which you should keep your eye out for:

Enchant Chest - Greater Stamina
Enchant Chest - Mighty Resilience
Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats 

   These three should be on your scope because they are one of the fastest moving scrolls due to the high demand for them (the resilience one is dirt cheap so if there aren't any on the AH use this to your advantage and make huge profits)

Enchant Weapon - Hurricane
Enchant Weapon - Landslide
Enchant Weapon - Windwalk 

   These three are the top sellers for the weapons division and 99% of the players out there depending on their spec and class will want one of these bad boys slapped on their weapon.


       But that's not all like i said previously you need to be selling all the enchants not only the top tier ones because people that are leveling alts or have chosen to take up playing a twink at a lower level bracket will not be able to use those enchants due to their item level requirement, so that's the market that you will be selling the enchants to. So like i said don't forget about those and respect the old school because it will bring you in some SERIOUS profits, and just for a clarification i will even put down a few enchants that have sold well for me in the past and have made a killer profit.

Enchant Weapon - Crusader  (if you don't have the enchant check out the post about acquiring it)
Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon
Enchant Weapon - Spellpower
Enchant Weapon - Mighty Intellect
Enchant Weapon - Mighty Spirit
Enchant Weapon - Strength      

   And all of these enchants are the enchants that all the twinks will want for their weapons so keep an eye out for their materials as this market is very unpredictable as for materials costs where on some days you'll be able to pick up the materials for 1g while the next day will spike to 100g so keep an eye out for those prices and if no one is selling those on the AH then you can make a killing on selling those.

   Well that's about it for starting out in making gold with Enchanting and like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Way Of The Farmer

   So up until now i've discussed ways to make gold by using your professions, using the AH to get deals and even using advertisement as a powerful weapon in your arsenal but now i'm going to cover a part of the game that is in there for the sole reason of making you gold and providing you with materials for all your crafting, and yes that is called farming.

    Before i continue on with this post i want to let it be known that if you have the patience to go on these runs and acquire the materials then kudos to you but for me it simply doesn't work and i loose my patience in about 20 min of farming, but then again that's just me so lets continue on.


   As a starter i would like to start with the place that a lot of people know of but then again even more people don't know of and that's the best place for farming Embersilk Cloth

As you can see on the image the place we are talking about is found in Deepholm and the mobs you are going to end up killing are the Stone trogs that are fighting will all the dwarves (probably because they are bored and they decided to have a bit of a rumble with the dwarves but nothing too serious as noone ever dies from either side unless you intervene). As you can see on the map outlined with the green line is the route that is best taken to get the maximum number of kills while waiting for the respawns from the ones you already killed.

   There are two things you need to know about this place before you go off killing the trogs and that is that you will need to get a class that can do some serious AoE damage and with the possibility to avoid the mobs so they don't gang up on you and kill you. I've done this with a few different characters and it worked well with a mage, shadow priest, hunter, druid haven't tried with others but feel free to try it out.

   Purely for facts i will shoot out few of the numbers i got while doing these runs and what kind of a profit you could be expecting to get out of this run if you decide to make it.

This was gathered in 1 hour: (THIS WAS WITH A TAILOR CHARACTER, what i mean by this is that tailors get a bonus in how many cloths they can loot from a body)

240 x Embersilk Cloth
78G worth of gold from the looting
51G worth of gold from selling the garbage
7 (78-81 lvl) items which sold on the AH for 180-300g each

16 Tiny Treasure Chest, and NO these did not drop from the mobs perse but they dropped because before i started the carnage i drank a Potion of Treasure Finding  which is by far one of the best potions to get stocked up if you are a farmer-killer type of guy because inside the little chests there is gold and cloth and a chance to get 1-4 from every volatile there is.


   Savage leather unlike herbs and ore it can't be farmed by just flying around and picking it up but you rather need to get down to getting your hands dirty by killing things. One of the best places to acquire savage leather by far are the crocs outside Baradin Hold and as you can see on the image

their name is just that Baradin Crocolisk. Now what you need to know about this place is that if you are on a busy server where people have alts that they want to get reputation with or they haven't done it with the mains and are doing the dailies then they will be killing the crocs and all you'll have to do is simply walk over and skin them and profit, but nowadays it's mosty desolace in there and there isn't much of an activity in there so you might end up killing the crocs by yourself which is not that bad as they drop some vendor garbage which isn't much but still it's something.

   Like previously if you have the need for leather and the only way to acquire it is to farm it then get a Potion Of Treasure Finding as well for those extra Treasure Chests.

   Killing these crocs and skinning them for an hour produced:

   210 x Savage Cloth and at 99g per stack it's not a bad deal
   9 x Strange Bloated Stomach this is pretty much like the Treasure chest but only skinners can get it and it contains volatiles.


   One of the two "main farming" professions in WoW are mining and herbalism and they can be very profitable if you have the time and nerves to do them.

   But to get down to the point and drop some info and some stone hard facts on what you can expect to gain by going all out farming for herbs.

   I'll start off by showing you the best route you can go about if you decide to farm some Azshara's Veil and the zone in particular is Vash'Ir (The big Water Zone) and by following this path as shown on the image you can get a nice amount of herbs, and as a guideline i will give you the rundown on how much you can expect to get out of an hour of farming it .

   And this is what i ended up after an hour of farming this zone with this particular path set up for me.

   155 x Azshara's Veil
   65   x Volatile Life

   Other herb then Azshara's Veil that's actually quite profitable to sell is Heartblossom as it is a high value item due to it's demand from alchemists for pots and flasks but also from JC's that want to use them to help their transmutations from Carnelians into the Inferno Ruby's.

   As you can see on the image best place to farm Heartblossom is in Deepholm and you can either try and follow the green line of take the better approach by actually flying through the entire zone because the damn things are scattered through the whole zone. As with the Azshara's Veil i got about the sameish results in about one hour of farming these bad boys meaning in 60 min i got
   180 x Heartblossom
   76   x Volatile Life

   Twilight Jasmin is another choice you could take up and it can be found in Twilight Highlands, and it's same as the Heartblossom scattered throughout the whole zone and in 60 min of farming i managed to get 160 x Twilight Jasmine and 56 x Volatile Life.


   For the mining part i'll leave it down for farming Elementium Alone because after the breakdown on the Obsidium Shuffle on my server their price has dropped way down. Ok so down to the facts and location about the Elementium Ore.

   Best place to get loads of Elementium Ore is Uldum and you can see the best path to use on the image on the left side. One thing that might be worth mentioning is that while you'll be mining for Elementium you will most likly get some Pyrite Ore as well so that means only more profit for you.

   In about one hour of farming i got 240 x Elementium Ore plus another 65   x Pyrite Ore

but another thing worth mentioning is that while you are mining you have a chance to mine out some Volatile Water and Fire but if you are a Engineer you have also the chance to get some extra Volatile Air's as well which if combined together they make some good end game profit.

   So there you have it my dear fellow goblins, the basics of farming and what you should expect to get out of if you decide to use farming as a tool to make gold with.

   So like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CSS (Cheap Shot Sales) Not Counter Strike Source !!!

   So here we are back again with me teaching you fine goblins out there how to make gold by using dubious and below the belt techniques and i might add one that's a very very good for your pocket and urge to fill it with gold.

   If you've read some of my other posts you'll notice that i personally love the use of advertising to get my sales up, and this is something that i have found to be a crucial element in my selling and buying setup, so one might say that you need to have a magnetic personality or even be a loudmouth but that's ok if it gets you gold.

   This next bit i am about to tell you fine goblins is something that has made me a ton of gold and i usually don't like spreading the word about it mainly because it involves some not so moral things that need to be done but what the hell, there's gold at the end of the rainbow so why not.

   So i'll try to cut it short and get down to the bare facts and how to do the CSS. Lets say that you have an item that's something of worth but it's simply moving too slow or the demand is too low but you want to get rid of it as soon as possible, what do you do then, why use the CSS.

   Let me elaborate, the CSS is basically you getting other people to buy a given item that you've put on the AH by barking trade channel with a different character saying that you want to buy the same given item for a higher price and hence trying to force someone into buying the item you've previously put up on the AH with your main character. As a perfect example for this would be the titansteel bars which are one of the main ingreedients for making the Chopper-Like mount that many people crave for it. What i did is i went on the AH and saw that there was like 10ish posted for 95g on there and i bought them all out and reposted them at 199g per item and then logged my banker character. As soon as the loading screen was done i started barking trade channel that i wanted to buy 8 titansteel bars for 250g per bar (don't put a number greater then the amount you've posted on the AH, in this case 10 because people will not want to buy it because it will not fulfill your need and they don't want to risk it) and about 4 min later the AH was emptied out from all the titansteel bars. That is when you don't whisper back to the people trying to tell you that they have it and want to trade it to you or invite you in a group, but you rather relog on your main and see that those 950g you invested into the truegold is not actually 1900g after 4 min of barking trade (as a side effect you have a bunch of people that hate you but hey we are goblins we don't belive in Karma).

   So there you are and this strategy could be used for any item of interest and it will always get your sales to go smoother, though if you always do that same tactic from the same alt people might start to catch up and see through all the smoke and mirrors do diversify as what item you are "selling" with this strategy.

   So like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Era Of The Truegold ... Let it Come

   I will try to keep this post as short as possible, mainly because i would simply like to put it out there so people actually do take notice and get well stocked up for the upcoming patch. With the infamous Truegold, and yes, i did say infamous because a lot of people burned themselves buying the truegold in metric tons in the coming of the current patch, only to get burned because they thought that their price will skyrocket, due to the coming of the craftable weapons, from the Firelands daily vendors.
   But, what they didn't take into account, was that it would take 28 days for the vendors to be opened up, and more importantly, it would require 5 orbs, from the crafter to make one, and that is where the problem was, because most people didn't have the orbs.

   Well, one of the great things about the upcoming patch is, the fact that Chaos Orbs will be made tradeable, and now everyone can pick one up, and sell it on the AH. So from there, it can get to the hands of the crafters, and from there they will be able to manufacture many weapons, that will decorate the hands of the wannabe killers, and raiders, and in return will spike the need for Truegold for quite a bit, seeing as every weapon will need 8 truegold.

   So there it is in a bunch, if you stocked up on truegold for the previous patch and thought you screwed yourself over, think again, because the price didn't budge then don't feel bad (unless you've sold them all for high price which in that case, who's a good gold goblin why you're a good gold goblin) because you will be able to make some good profit by selling them when the patch hits, or even if you are a bit on the fast side and buy off the Chaos Orbs off the AH the first day, or two while people still don't know about the change to the orbs being off the soulbound thing, then you might reap some high profits by selling the weapons at their old prices, but know that will not last, and you will surely see a sharp drop in their price few days in the patch.

   So like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Big Game Crafter (BGC)

   So here you are, a very skilled and charming Jewelcrafter, Alchemist or whatever profession you might have and are making loads of gold and you start thinking that you are pushing the max out of how much you can be making, be it that mark you've set for yourself is 1k, 5k, 10k or even 20k per day and you feel like you've hit that high quote that you can't possibly go over by using the Auction House. Well you might be right if you are using all your available markets to you, and you are doing it all as you are supposed to be doing it, but what if i tell you that you can make so much more by not expanding into different markets and trying out what sells there and then clash with the other people that are already sailing strong into those markets. Well if that interests you keep on reading about the possibilities that are offered if you choose to be a Big Game Crafter.

   So let me give you an idea as to what i mean when i use the phrase Big Game Crafter, it's actually very simple but yet still ingenious.

   Lets say that you are a Jewelcrafter and you spend your days brushing elbows with the competition on the AH trying to get your gems sold so you can get a slice of the profit pie, you post 200 gems and you are bound to sell some 5-10 gems before you get undercut or even more if it's a busy time of the day and the competition is low but the fact is that no matter what you will never sell your full stock and get 100% back on your posting fees and not to mention there is no way to avoid paying the AH tax A.K.A AH cut, but actually is there ?

   YES THERE IS, and this is the core of the (BGC) strategy, and the only thing you need to do is have some half decent persuasion skills. Ok enough with the beating around the bush, lets go down to the facts and how to of the strategy so you stop wondering what the hell am i talking about.

   Few days ago i had an idea where i talked to my GM about supplying the guild bank with all the gems there are so the guild would get them at the lowest possible price so that it can sell them to the raiders at a 50% discount which in fact would be a moral boost and some effective spending of the guild bank gold. Took me about one and a half hour to make the cuts and filling up the bank with the surplus gems i had and the uncut ones that i had i got around 40k gold from that transaction which was the bare minimum with a very low to none profit margin but that actually gave me an idea to offer something in those lines to the other big guilds on my server and this is where i struck gold.

    I contacted few other guilds, their respectable GM's and told them that i am willing to provide them with a good deal on gems, as well as food for all their raiders if they buy them from me in bulks. I got three GMs that were interested and we struck a deal, took me about 3 hours to craft all the gems that i had told them i would supply them with but it was time well spent because after i sold them the whole package i got about 57k gold from each of the guilds that i made that deal with (well two of them paid the 57 the third one didn't want the whole stock and had a predifined list of gems but still got me about 35k) and on top of that i managed to sweeten the pot with the food thing, and seeing as how i am not very big going out there killing animals for their flesh or fishing i sold the food of the Chinese  people, the Fortune Cookie, but it took some negotiating and explaining but after a while (me telling them that there's a chance for the 5k golden card to be acquired from the food) they agreed and bought them at 220g per stack which was awesome price for a wholesale  as i could cut my production time in half because some idget (word sponsored by the show Supernatural) was posting them for 6g per card and i bought them bought some flour and made them into the cookies and sold them for 11g per cookie. So there i was sitting on well over 150k for that day and wasn't even near a patch day, nor the prices were inflated on a niche market which i had no competition, nope nothing like that, simply using the BGC to rack up some great profits.

   Same technique can be done with herbs, flasks, pots, food, beltbuckets hell anything you might be selling on the AH and has a high demand  and the best part no need to deal with competition only a one on one talk with a certain GM and you could be reaping the profits in no time.

   So try it out people, it worked for me and there's no reason why it wouldn't work for you. I sure hope you get some awesome profits out of this one and like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hopping On The Profit Train

   So hopefully you've done your fair share of killing the direbrew boss event every single day with the promise of treasure, mounts and BoE's from the satchel, well unless you've had the most rotten luck of not getting a single drop (this was my luck actually) but even then there's very good profits to be made from this event that will end in 3 days.

   What this gold making opportunity is a limited availability item that usually by now it's price has rock bottomed at 100-300g and that item is Tremendous Tankard O' Terror and this is the item you want to have in stock as soon as the holiday event is done.

   The reason behind this is very simple, the item is actually an ok weapon for Rogues to pick up and it's a item level 365 weapon which puts it neck to neck with the other BS crafted items that sell for the better part of 10K on the AH, so you will have people willing to buy this weapon for three reasons. Main one would be those Rogues and Shamans out there (If it's not the best item i apologize but i saw AGI and thought of Rogues and Shamans), second one would be to break the ilvl requirement to get into the heroic ZA/ZG (this is what all the new level 80s dream of so they can get out of doing the random HC, unless they are rich which in that case they can buy the shiny epics and yes this means your item as well), and third and to be honest i think this would be the best reason and that is the Transmogrification coming next patch because there are sure to be people out there that will go for the look of having a big ass tankard in your hand while smashing people's brains with it.

   So as a recap, you have about 3 days left to do your daily runs for the chance to get a tankard if you dont get it then check your AH for the item and buy it out if you see it at a 100-400g price range, wait for 1 week after the event is over and then repost them on the AH for somewhere between 2-4k (it will be a good DPS wise item for about 2 months which is how much time it's gonna take for the 4.3 to hit live servers) and even after the patch is live the item will still hold it's Visual quality and i'm quite sure people will be looking for it,

   So i hope you get some good profits out of this item, and like always keep your eyes peeled for good opportunities out there.