Monday, January 23, 2012

The Gold Making Carnival

   This is my first entry for the monthly Gold Making Carnival that Cold is hosting, so hopefully we will see more posts in the future. For this month Cold decided to choose a rather, how should i say this so it sounds right, it's a weird yet fun subject, namely he choose a topic where we should name our favorite spot in the WoW universe, and then explain as to why exactly do we like that spot, be it for  the practicality of the spot or some other connection you might have to that spot.  

   I will start off by naming my two favorite places due to their practicality, and just so it's clear upfront, they are both in Orgrimmar so they are both Horde oriented, so this isn't a very Alliance friendly zone.

My Bread And Butter Place

   The place that i am talking about is the auction house in the Troll district. Now the reason why i love this place is very simple. It is the most efficient place for any auctioneer out there because the bank, the auctioneer and the mailbox are all within reach of each other. I could go about and show you where this place is by posting a image of it, but this time around for the first time i will use a video, so hopefully it will be fine.


   So the video is quite self explanatory, and you can see just how close the auctioneer, and banker and the mailbox are close to each other.

   Now Cold said that the rules of the post were that the places we share should have a meaning to us, be it practical or emotional or whatever, so the next three places i'll share will be the three places in WoW that i love, and i will even explain why i actually love them.

   The first place i will name as the place i love in WoW would have to be Winterspring. The reason for me loving this place dates as back as Vanilla WoW. When i would do the quests in Felwood and then finally get the high enough level i could progress up to Winterspring which was like going from the place of agony and depression to a place of true serenity and peace. That used to be one of the things i used to love about Blizzard that they would make their games to have those kinds of transitions in the game.
   The place that i took the screenshot is one that i love the most, and that is the cave that used to be the entrance to the end chain to the Onyxia attunement quest. I remember that back in the days to do the whole quest chain, then go through the cave trying to dodge all the whelps in there used to feel epic, and when you would finally get to the end and get the attunement done, you felt like you have done a great thing.

   The second place that was special to me was the Western Plaguelands. For those of you that joined the WoW caravan in Cataclysm and only know WPL as the Alliance farm country side i feel sorry for you.

   WPL used to be the most awesome place to powerlevel when you had the level requirement to start doing the quests, but this is not the reason why i chose to mention this place. The real reason why i will always love this place, and the tower on the image in particular is because it was this tower that gave me one of my best WoW experiences, namely it gave me 3 crusader patterns in the course of 4 days farming it, that eventually led to me buying my epic riding skill and horse.

   And the last but not the least favorite spot is the Redridge Mountains but more precisely the bridge at Lakeshire.
Like with all the places i named until now this one has a special reason for me to like it as much as i do even though it is deserted like 99.9% of the time.

   That reason that i was talking about is that on that bridge, back in the first month of the release of WoW i met a very special friend that i ended up playing with him for about 2 years until i switched over to the EU servers, but to make it even more epic when i went over the big pond to the US i met up with him and had a blast. So it is this place that is responsible in my case that i made a friend that i had awesome time in WoW as well as outside in the real world, and that is why this place is always going to be important for me in a special way.

   So that is about all i have to say about the places in WoW that i like, and once again this post is made for Cold's Gold Blogging Carnival. I am hoping that i will continue to make posts for the Carnival in the future, and that next month we will have a more gold oriented topic.

   That's all for now, and don't forget, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. Couple favorite places. First, the tower of Ice Crown Citadel, used to sit up there waiting for raids in my druids swift flight form, looked just like a gargoyle, many screenshots were taken and I still go back from time to time. Second, Arathi Basin, this is my whole reason for getting started in playing wow, and tbh the first 3 toons I leveled were stopped at 39 (before they lower the mount level) and I was content to play in that bracket for the first year or so I played, it is still my favorite bg, and no toon is complete without a couple dozen battles to offset the tedium of leveling. Lastly is the monument in hillsbrad, not sure if it is still there after cata, but down below the dwarf cavern/fortress thing (the name escapes me) was a little monument to someone that was part of the original design team that passed away during development. I always stopped by to pay my respects as I leveled through the zone, and that kind of thing, being immortalized in a video game always seeme kind of touching.

    And my guildy had a tree (the one in front of the old org bank) that he was ALWAYS under. He was there so often it became known as "Ug's Tree" and any time someone refered to trees that was the first one we thought of.

  2. Your comment my friend is pure WIN. I really didn't know as to what people could comment on a post like this, but you just opened my eyes that people can actually comment on what THEIR favorite place is and why.

    As for AB, i love it because i have a bunch of good memories for that battleground as well, more notably the PoP ( Parade Of Pwnage ) which was our 15 man group that we used to own the Horde back in the day on :)

  3. I wish I could use the Orgrimmar's Troll area for my characters, but on my Realm Orgrimmar is so full of people the lag prevents any kind of crafting etc so I moved my business to Undercity until I can find a place to replace that Troll place. Nice post by the way.