Monday, January 30, 2012

The Spotlight ( January )

   Here we are with another edition of The Spotlight series. In the previous posts i showed you blogs, podcasts, games and anything else i found interesting for that month. For this month i have a few things i would like to share that will prove to be entertaining to all of you that enjoy a good comic book, and after that i will share with you a site that can help you decide which server to go to if you are starting out a new character in WoW.

   First comic i will tell you about is the CAD comic. I have been reading this comic for years and years and have always enjoyed doing so. Just so you get interested in the whole deal let me give you a bit of a basic information as to what the comic is all about. This comic revolves around the lives of, initially the two main characters Ethan and Lucas who are two gamers. 

   If you have never heard about this comic and are a comic fan i would really recommend you start reading it from the first one, and even though it will take you some time to read them all, it will make it so worth your time and you will have so much fun reading it.

   The second comic i was talking about is the Looking For Group comic. I am quite sure that many of you out there have heard about this comic, some are reading it while there are still many out there that have been blessed with never having heard about it. Now don't get this wrong, i'm saying blessed because they will be able to start reading this whole comic from the first page and enjoy in it's pure awesomeness.

   As a quick intro to the comic. It starts off as a introduction of two of the main characters Cale and Richard. Now Cale is a "kind" of a hunter while Richard is a Warlock and in the first few pages you will get the idea as to what kind of a warlock he is. I will refrain of giving you more details only so you can get on there and actually read about it and enjoy it.

   The last page i have for you is . I am showing you this page as it is a visual representation of the population any given WoW server has. This is very useful if you want to know how does the server fare population wise, and what is the average ratio of Alliance to Horde. You can get to the site directly from or you can get there from ( i'm putting this down because i had a case when i told someone that the site was beginning with wow.something he accused me of trying to lead him to a hacking site or something like that ... some people )

   Anyways this is what i had to share for this month, i am hoping that for next month i will have a more WoW related sites to share with you nice folks, or even better if you have came upon any worthy site that you deem worthy to share put it here and the people will hear about it.

   That's all for now, so till next time, keep your eyes open for good opportunities out there.

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