Monday, January 9, 2012

New Trade Skill Master

   Not many of us are aware but the tool we are all using to make all of our gold, namely TSM is coming up on it's one year anniversary. TSM was launched on January 15 2011, and now that it is almost one year old on the site of TSM dawned the information about a release version of the addon. 

   One of the main features of the release version over the beta version is the new tab that will be added in the auction house screen opposed to the rollover on the right side. As you can see on the preview on the left side the visual aspect of the addon has been changed a bit. But i really wouldn't want to make you read up on the addon from my point of view so i will give you the link to the main site so you can read up on all the information that are about the addon, like all the new features and what they have done with all the existing features of it.

Just to make it fair, i first got wind of this post from The Gold Mint so kudos go to him for this.

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