Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Working Now For The Next Hot Thing

   So back again for the first post of this year, and i would like to make it about my favorite market but with a little bit of a twist. 

   This post is going to be one of those posts where you start making the preparations now so you can reap the benefits later, so i am afraid that a quick gold flip is not going to be the case here. What i mean by this is actually very simple, yet a lot of people that have Jewelcrafting will not do it, and many that have done it will get out of the market, but without further ado i'll get down to the facts.

   The whole deal is with the rare gems of Cataclysm. What i mean by this is, keep doing your dailies if you haven't collected all the rare patterns. Somewhere down the road when Mists Of Pandaria will ship it's most likely that Blizzard will take the same route they did with the Wrath gems and remove any item level requirement from them and they will end up being the hot deals that the Wrath gems are now, as every twink will want one for their gear.

   The reason why i'm stating that the rare gems will be the hot deals opposed to the epics is the fact that the only way to obtain the epics is through a raid, which will not be the actual raid after the the expansion. Now if Blizzard does decide to drop in a transmutation pattern for epics, then it would be profitable to have that as well as they are going to be highly sought after gems. 

   The reason why i primarily made this post is that at a later date when this ends up being very profitable i can point out and say that i told everyone that it will happen, and i even told you 6 or more months upfront so you have ample amounts of time to get ready. So if you have all your Rare patterns and working on your epics then good for you, if you haven't done your dailies then don't miss out on the good payday that they are going to bring to you even after their time has passed.

   So to sum it up, i am telling you to get ready for the twink gems, and if you want to know are they worth it and is there any gold in it, well i have been doing it on my server and seeing as how no one else is bothered to get into the market i have it all by myself, so i end up racking up anywhere from 3-10k per 24h post cycle.

   That's all from me for now, but like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. Wrath gems never had an ilevel requirement.

  2. Come to think of it that is true. But upon giving it a more logical approach it is logical that way because the Wrath gems are tending to the 63-80 level bracket, while the CATA gems will tend to the 80-85 bracket.

    But even as it is cata gems will be a rare market because as it usually ends up being, as soon as something new comes out 99% of the crafters depart for the new thing.