Tuesday, March 13, 2012

General Posting Mistakes

   Today we are going to take a look at something that should be a common sense, but for some reason the majority of the people simply don't follow it. 

   The thing i am talking about is the proper pricing of the items or goods you put up on the Auction House, bear with me as i will try and explain what i mean.

   Let's say for instance you are selling an item A which you can make for a price of 10g. That item sells, and you think "Awesome i will sell some more at that price" WRONG. If you are selling something and you sell it for 10g, next post get it up at 15g and if it sells at that price try 20g etc. So you get the idea, you need to be increasing that price to get it as high as possible before you determine the "normal" price.

   The thing what most people do is, they craft that item A and sell it for 10g and from there on they will never up the price, and with that they lose on every single sale they make, sure they get some profit but they are loosing on the good profit purely because they didn't want to extend their price into the proper price range.

   Another thing you might want to know is that if you start getting mails like " you won't sell your stock because it is too high priced " from people you don't know, then you are probably doing something right, because you WILL be selling at those prices while the competition will think it is not worth it to get in on that market because no one is buying since your stock is up there for that long and at that price, not knowing that you refresh your stock after each sale. Just remember Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate.

   This might sound like a insignificant information because i was using prices as 10 or 20g but in reality it's usually crafted items that are ranging in the 1k-20k mark, so it's not the same if you are selling an item for 500g that you could be selling for 1500g or better yet selling a craftable end game item and selling it for 5k if you can get 10k for it. So all in all expand your prices if you haven't already, and you are sure to get some serious profits racking in.

   I will leave this post as short as it is, but i will use it in future reference as well as other posts i will make in the Don't Do It category that will be for things that you shouldn't do, or avoid doing.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. quick proofreading comments:

    the phrase is "bear" with me not "bare"

    and you meant "losing" not "loosing"

  2. Got owned by the grammar nazi :)

    Issue fixed though, so thanks for your correction input

  3. Agree 100%. I am a straight "flipper" Since 09 havent crafted one thing on any toon until yesterday. But an example I have is I have the highest percentage of World Boss drops, recipes, rare weapons and armor (non-crafted) of any other toon on my server. So needless to say, I set the prices. Hate started pouring in right away, a part of becoming a 1%er. . With MoP coming and gear prices dropping, I decided to list my last Ward of Red Widow http://www.wowhead.com/item=71038
    For 8k in AH(very high price at this time) While barking its sale for 6kin trade, but willing to take 5k.(bought for 2k) Well, The haters started right in and I just laughed and assured them it would be sold by 5pm last night. (was 4:30pm). They laughed even harder, 14 minutes later, SOLD for 5k WITH customer thanking me publically. When you're one of the price setters on the realm, They hate forever, I laugh all the way to the "bank"