Thursday, March 22, 2012

Scribes Get Ready For MoP

   Today we are going to talk about how you should get ready for MoP if you happen to have a character with Inscription leveled up. Unlike the previous post that covered investing in MFC's  in this post we are going to take a look at how to save yourself thousands of gold, and in return actually make a crap load of gold. 

   Yup i am talking about glyphs again, but this time with a bit of a twist. Coming MoP glyphs are going to see a bit of a overhaul and we seeing as how we will see a sharp increase in the creation of new Pandas that only means that we are going to see a sharp increase in the need for glyphs for all classes and especially for Monks.

   Now the thing with this is rather tricky and if you are unprepared it can turn around and bite you in the ass. Let me explain why exactly so you know what i mean. As it is now making a glyph is more or less an easy task with the existence of the ink traders, so all you have to do is mill some herbs and trade the last tier inks to the ones you need to craft your glyph. Now coming MoP we are going to have the same options but the only difference would be the fact that the price of the new herbs is going to be more or less in the 200-300g per stack price range which is helluva lot more then the 15-40g per stack we can get the stacks at today. 

   So knowing this it is only logical what our step should be, open up your guild bank and stock up on inks that are of a lesser tier now. So get your inks to your ink trader and get stocked up on all the inks that you need to craft your glyphs, and if you have been in the glyph market for a while you will know that the stock you will need is going to be rather large because when you are crafting glyphs those inks are simply melting.

   Two inks that you should keep an eye on would be the Moonglow Ink and the Ink Of The Sea which are the needed inks for your Minor Inscription Research and the Northrend Inscription Research. Now even if you have done all your researches, don't forget you will still need to do them as you will not know the glyphs for the Monk. So those two inks you can even sell on the AH for all the people that will not get their stocks up now.

   Third and last thing you want to get stocked up on would be the Books of Glyph Mastery, and the reason for it is like you might guess the new glyphs that will be available from them. So if you find some of them on the AH for an acceptable price buy them out for yourself, or for later resale with a hefty profit margin. 

   As i have still to get my Beta invite i can only give you preparation tips, but as soon as that Beta invite comes through i will shell out some more solid info, and tell you exactly what to expect from the profession and what to focus on.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. are they adding new ways to learn glyphs? i heard they were looking at solving the problem of lack of mastery books. id like to get into the glyph market but have no intention of spending months to learn all the glyphs or having to spend astronomical amounts to get them

  2. That is what I thought as well, so I have been buying up them up cheap and selling them for 1-2k on my realm. Quick flip. If you're right I'll be disappointed as their supply will definitely dwindle.

  3. Would be very surprised if Book of Glyph Mastery was used to introduce new glyphs. I imagine it will be a new research with a daily cooldown.

    1. It is only logical to get the WOTLK level glyphs to be obtained by their equivalent level books ( the Books Of Glyph Mastery )though that is not 100% sure guess

  4. I've already started stocking up on inks. I didn't think about Moonglow so good tip there.

    Like the others have said though I wouldn't invest in book of glyph mastery until it is confirmed new glyphs will come from them.

    Blizzard has repeatedly said they want those glyphs to come from somewhere besides just the books (likely they will add another research)and the expansion would be a good time to do that.

    1. Needed to edit myself. lol

      However though if you can pick some books up cheap it might be worth the investment. Blizzard said they would keep the books as a non cooldown way to learn those glyphs. It would give you a head start on learning any new ones.

      I wouldn't buy them and expect to flip them for large amounts though. (unless its confirmed there is no new research like we've said)

  5. Ethereal Ink should be where most of your ink is going because its much harder to farm large amounts compared to IotS herbs.