Thursday, March 15, 2012

Profession Resale List

   A while back i made a post about the profit that could be made by reselling medium tier leather and got some great feedback from it as people did it and made some nice amounts of gold with it. So i invested a bit more time into this and made a list of all the items that are worth flipping besides leather. And the main reason as to why this is such a great market to get into is because you will cater to the needs of the powerleveling guys that simply don't want to spend time to farm for their materials, but they would rather take it to the Auction House and get all their materials there and give you all their gold. To make it even easier i broke it down into profession categories.


   If you have leveled enchanting you know that getting all the mats can be a bitch ( female dog ), but that only means that if you had it rough getting the materials it's a good chance that everyone else is having the same issue. This is why enchanting offers a good market for resales. The items you want to focus on here are:

   Dream Dust x 230
   Vision Dust x 155
   Arcane Dust x 330

   The numbers next to the dust name represent the amount of dusts a single enchanter would need to get past the level threshold of enchanting, so if you have 2 or 3 people at a time leveling that given profession you simply multiply that number by that and you see that the need for those items is huge.

The Ore Market

   I was originally going to break this down in two categories Blacksmith/Engineering but that would be pointless as both of these professions use the same materials. Given this it only means that the need for those shared goods is going to be very high.

Mithril Bar x 161 + 320
Thorium Bar x 189 + 420
Cobalt Bar x 275 + 320

   As you can see the numbers for those bars are very high, and that only means that the need is high while the supply is rather limited. The best time to get into this market would be if you see that the price is not huge for those bars or ores (if you have a miner that can smelt them into bars)

The Cloth Market

   This is a rather volatile market as it's prices are always in a flux. What i mean by this is that while sometimes the price for a stack of X-Cloth is going to be 100g per stack, next thing you know someone came if and posted 20 stacks at 20g and then another 5 guys took that 20g as the max price and they bring it down even more to abysmal levels like 5g. But the good thing is that if you target the low tier of cloth you can actually run a pretty good monopoly on them with a little bit of effort. There are two cloth tiers that i focus on, Wool and Silk.

Wool Cloth 180 + 135
Silk Cloth 150 + 780 

   The two numbers represent the need for those cloths for tailoring and first aid. Just to get into it a bit deeper, the Wool cloth has been a great seller as the level where it drops is low, and as everyone that levels nowadays has heirlooms they shoot past the levels where the wool drops, so their only way to obtain these cloths are either to go back and farm the cloth, or hit the auction house. The Silk cloth on the other hand is usually in a OK supply, and the demand for it is rather high as you can see. So if you ever see that the auction house is low on supply and the price is normal, or even better low, then buy them out and reset the price.

   So this should be about the resale list that should cover the lower tier profession material niche. I didn't make a list about the herbs as they are used for alchemy/inscription because the need for a given herb is too low and none of the herbs stands out from the crowd. Now this shouldn't be mistaken as a market that is not profitable, simply i haven't gotten into this market because i haven't done the whole research to see what is selling the best and fastest, but if you think you might get some killer sales in this market by all means get into it and make your profits.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. I personally like this little list because im working on old world raw mats and gear for MoP

  2. Another thing to keep in mind is sometimes this stuff sells slow, but when it does sell it's generally in huge quantities. You can clearly see why, with the amounts needed above. So it's tempting to only put up a couple of stacks, but when all those sell you are missing opportunity.

    1. I used to put up like 5-10 stacks and hope they would sell, which they did but then i was loosing on sales. Now i put up 30-40 stacks, and they sell.

      So your advice is very correct about the mass quantity posting