Sunday, March 25, 2012

Professions In Mists Of Pandaria

   So i still don't have access to the Beta and can't confirm any of this for certain, but i got to a pretty amazing post up on MMO Champion that should prove to be an awesome repository of information for all of us that like the profession aspect of the game, and in return like to make money off it.

   The post can be found on MMO Champion named BETA Mists Of Pandaria, and i am only going to point to a few of the things that i found interesting.

    In MoP we seem to have more ways of turning enchanting materials into different materials, being able to change from dust to essence to shards!

Spirit Dust
Lesser Mysterious Essence, which is creatable from 5 dust (Lesser Mysterious Essence)
Greater Mysterious Essence, which is creatable from 2 lesser essences (Greater Mysterious Essence)
Small Ethereal Shard
Ethereal Shard which is creatable in two different ways, from 2 small shards (Create Ethereal Shard) or from 3 greater essences (Ethereal Shard).
Sha Crystal, which is greatable from 3 large shards (Sha Crystal).

   So you can go Dust -> Lesser Essence -> Greater Essence -> Uncommon Shard -> Rare Shard

   So in retrospective what this means is that in MoP we will be able to turn our dust into crystals, or simply put that would be like if you could make Maelstrom Crystals from Hypnotic Dust. So all in all we are going to have quite the demand for enchanting materials, and some awesome profits that will be there to be made by doing the MoP version of the Shuffle.

   So again check out the post on MMO-Champion and if you do find some other source for information share  it as a comment here.

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