Thursday, March 1, 2012

New In WoW ( 40 - 60 )

   Here we are back with another installment of The Starter Kit series where i will cover the how's on how to make your gold while leveling your first character. In today's post i will cover the 40 - 60 level range, as well as the ways that will be most profitable to help you get that gold you need for training, buying your mount and anything else you might want, so lets get started. 

   First thing you want to remember is that the 40-60 leveling bracket has a one very big advantage, and that is the fact that all the green items that drop in this bracket are usually a very high priced items on the Transmogrification market. So if you know that it is pretty much logical that you are doing the same as the image here, taking your trash ( greens ) putting it in a melting pot ( the auction house ) and then in time gold comes out. But for the sake of this post i won't go into details on which items to sell and at what price as that is not relevant here, if you want more info about that check the link to the Transmogrification section.

   So next good thing about being in this leveling bracket is the profession wise aspect of the game. One thing though, if you have chosen a crafting profession over a gathering profession as your first profession it might be a rather expensive venture as the raw materials for the low tiers are highly priced while the finished goods have almost no demand for them. But even as so i would still choose to level a crafting profession as it will always make you more gold in the long run.

   As i chose to go with Leatherworking as a profession i was more focused on the leather market, and with that in mind i decided to make some gold from that market as i would need some gold to buy the leathers i would require to get my profession leveled up. That is when i decided to do the Leather Flipping tactic, and it worked out just great. Made some gold and leveled my leatherworking in the process. Now a word of advice, if you are like me and have picked up a crafting profession and are leveling it, don't do the most common mistake and vendor the items you craft, but rather find a enchanter and tip him to DE it for you so you can sell the enchanting materials as they have some good prices usually.

   Another great thing about being in this bracket is that you can take the full advantage of many of the tips and tricks i have covered here on the blog. For instance as soon as i had the level requirement i hit up Tyr's Hand for some Crusader Farming. I got lucky and snagged 2 Crusader Formulas in less then 30 minutes, and then managed to sell them both at 2k each, not bad for a 30 minute run.

   Another also great thing that you will have full access to would be the Road Less Traveled which would give you access to all the vendors and pickup pets in Kalimdor, which in return would make you some good profits.

    One last strategy that i have covered on the blog and i used in my leveling experience with this characters was the Transmogrification Gold Run as i did my leveling in the Blasted Lands. Now granted this is again part of the Transmogrification market, it is still a great income source and would be foolish to not take advantage of it.

   As you can see on the image above, i managed to get 15606g while i was leveling my character, and on top of that i leveled my leatherworking to the 300+ skill, paid for the mounts and flying training not a bad result i would say.  But if you choose to do the same thing as i did ,but decide you don't want to level a crafting profession you will end up with a figure that's a few thousand gold higher.

   So a fast recap of the things i did in the 40-60 bracket that were profitable:
  • Saved all the green items, and put them up on the Auction House for the Transmogrification market
  • Leveled leatherworking and  took advantage of the Leather Flipping market
  • Did some Crusader formula farming
  • Sold some pets from all the vendors that i had access to
  • Did the Transmogrification Gold Run and got a bunch of items to sell on the Auction House
   Well that is what i did in my 40-60 level bracket, for the next installment i will cover the Outland experience and ways to make gold from it.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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