Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tailoring Niche Market

   Lately i had people asking me if they can make gold from tailoring ? Well the answer is very obvious, as i have explained before you can make a pretty good profit by selling the bags and spell threads, but today we are going to focus on a pretty nifty niche that has been profitable from Vanilla up until now and it will continue to be profitable.

   This little niche market that Tailors can dabble in is the Tuxedo Set. The said set is composed out of three parts, the Tuxedo Pants, Tuxedo Jacket and Tuxedo Shirt . Now knowing that these are the three parts of the set, you need to know where to obtain the patterns that will teach you how to make them.

   Your best chance would be to check the Auction House for the pattern as many times there are patterns posted for as low as 10g, but if you want to skip paying that you can purchase it straight from Millie Gregorian if you are Horde, or Outfitter Eric if you happen to play Alliance. A word of advice though, while you are at these vendors check the price of the patterns on the AH, and if there are none up there post a few for 250g for each pattern and you will be simply baffled when they actually sell.

   Ok so you have bought the patterns, and even bought some extra ones and put them up for sale now what? Well now we get down to making the actual pieces of the set and selling them on the Auction House. The good thing about this set is that the materials for crafting it is Mageweave Cloth so it is not expensive to obtain it, and at the same time you are selling an item that every Auctioneer that wants to leave a serious appearance must simply own a set, and that is where you come into play.

   The best thing about the Tuxedo set is that it is a good item to sell, and there is usually low to none competition on the market. One thing that you shouldn't do is to explode the supply and post 10 of each, it would be a much better alternative to make 2 of each ( Pants, Jacket and Shirt ) and post them at a higher price ( i sold them for 400g each piece ). And one thing that is good about this is that whenever someone buys a single piece, he will buy the other two as well, and that only means that you have made 1200g by investing as low as 10g for that sale.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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  1. Don't forget, though, that the spring even brings lots of tuxedo shirts and pants on the market.