Saturday, March 3, 2012

Profiting From Enchanting

   In this post we are going to go over on how to make gold from enchanting. This time around though i will not go about with how to make gold from selling some TBC, Vanilla or WOTLK pattern that will be making you gold but rather focus on the current top tier enchants.

   Since we are going to be looking at the top tier enchants, you should know that there will be a general need for four resources Hypnotic Dust, Heavenly Shards, Greater Celestial Essences and Maelstrom Crystals. Now this is all general knowledge, but still people that have enchanting are hesitant to get into the business with the excuse that they can't sell anything. Well if you are one of those people i am here to tell you that you have been wrong all this time, and i will try and help you get a better idea as to how obtain the materials in order to cut some expenses and in return increase your profits.

   First thing first before we start off, you need to go and get all the patterns from the vendor that you can buy with Heavenly Shards and Maelstroms. Now that you have armed yourself with the basic tools you are standing on the same game field as your competition. But now you need to do a few more investments into improving your arsenal so you are one step above the average casual player, and this means that you will buy the formulas for the bracer enchants. There are three of these enchants and they are the Agility, Strength and Intellect , and there are two ways to obtain these, either kill things and hope you get it ( slim chance ) or buy them off the Auction House ( better choice ).

Hypnotic Dust
   Ok now you have the patterns, next you need to get the materials. Now the best way to get the Hypnotic Dust as well as the Greater Celestial Essences is the Ore Shuffle, and you can even get some Heavenly Shards if you decide to DE the blue Nightstone Chokers

Heavenly Shard
   Though the best source to get your Heavenly Shards would be to DEing these next items:
If you have a Jewelcrafter Vicious Amberjewel Bands and Vicious Sapphire Ring depending on the prices of the volatiles on the auction house. 
   In case you don't have a Jewelcrafter on your disposal, but you have a Blacksmith then it would come down to getting your Shards from DEing Stormforged Shoulders.
    If you don't have neither a Jewelcrafter or a Blacksmith but a Scribe you can get your Heavenly Shards from DEing Etched Horn.

   Now if you happen to be one of those people that has neither of those professions, well then you should be leveling one of those professions, and in the meanwhile you will be getting your Heavenly Shards from the Auction House.

Maelstrom Crystal
   Now that we have the Heavenly Shards covered it only leaves the Maelstrom Crystals. Getting those requires that you DE actual epic items, and the only way in game that is actually profitable is the Firelands vendor that sells the Sleek Flamewrath Cloaks. Now this item is worth 250g off the bat, but if you are exalted with the faction, and you are a part of a level 24 guild with all the passive price decreases your overall price with come down as low as 148g per item, but if you take into account that you will be getting extra procs on extra shards due to your guild perk, then the end price is even lower . This price is actually even lower then the price of the Maelstroms on certain servers where their price goes as high as 250-300g, so it might be a good strategy to simply buy, DE and then sell the items on the Auction House for clean profit.

   So now you are at the point where you have all the patterns, and a way to obtain all the materials so all you need is the items to put up on the Auction House. The best way to have all your bases covered is to craft two of each enchants on a vellum, and then put them up on the auction house. As for pricing, you should use a fairly easy setup where the lowest price would be the combined worth of all the mats, while the maximum price would be a 300% profit. This would leave you always in the positive while keeping your profits as high as possible.

   You will find it that the bracer enchants, as well as the weapon enchants are the ones that move the fastest and yield the most profit so if you want some quick profit keep a closer eye on those.

   Now there it is, the whole deal with the enchanting, and no matter how much you want to divide or complicate this is everything there is to the end game enchanting market. Like I said setting up TSM should be fairly simple and with the mass posting option that TSM  offers as well it should be a cake walk to post and check for undercuts on your enchants.

   One last thing before you leave. As a Enchanter you will have the ability to craft a companion, the Enchanted Lantern / Magic Lamp depending on your faction which is still a good selling companion and it shouldn't be simply put off the sales list.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. On our server scrolls are locked down by one guy. He's online so much that he's there even when he's not there. You know the type. So most of us have resorted to just selling the mats. At least those still fly off the shelves.

    1. Well if you are selling the mats you are limited to the basic profit margin that is set by the price of the mats on the auction house.

      As for your guy, if he is always online have you considered reporting him and see what gives ?

    2. Selling the mats on my server is the ONLY profit margin. It takes days to sell a scroll, if at all.

      As for the camper, there's nothing to report because he isn't botting. He's been doing this for a long time now and is well known for it. He just has no life, nothing you can do about that. Blizzard's part of the problem anyway for introducing the remote aucion house in the first place.

  2. Lol Handera are you from Cenarius?

    It seems like the pattern of that nolife mage.

    1. I am indeed from Cenarius, and I can tell you know who I'm talking about, lol.

    2. Vile's Golden Auctions - Bringing Troubled People Together At The Same Place

      Sounds like a new headline that i can use :)

    3. Sounds like you just founded your own relief/support group, hehe.