Friday, December 23, 2011

The Road Less Traveled

   Back at Blizzcon this year, Blizzard announced that in their next expansion of the game they are going to make a small change in the pet acquiring system, meaning all pets are going to be BoA. What does this mean to us ? Well if you are in the pet selling market that means that people will no longer have to buy that Winterspring Cub on 10 different characters but only one, and in return you will see a decrease in the demand for the pets. On the other hand if you are an owner of a site that sells TCG pets, well then you might get in the history books as someone that invented a new cuss word or words. But all this aside, the expansion is still some time away and we still have a lot of people buying pets for their characters, which in return means that that's a good market to get into.

   For this post i am going to tell you about my personally favorite route that i make before i go to bed, and when i wake up, because it takes about 5 minutes to do it and can net you in anywhere from 3-5k gold.

   Here's how this whole thing works. By the way, i've put in two way points in this line that are actual pet vendors that i usually visit when i am running short on the pets they are selling so you can skip them if you don't need them. First off i start with Winterspring and i go there so i can restock on Winterspring Cubs, which have been a good seller for a long time. 

   After i'm done with that i start flying south to the second marker that you can see in the Northern Barrens. The reason why i'm going there is to find Takk's Nest which has a 100% drop chance for the Leaping Hatchling pet that i've had the good fortune of finding quite a few times, and even better sell it at prices ranging anywhere from 200-2000g, all depending on the competition.

   After that i go further down south to Dustwallow Marsh, and there at the most northern part i start scurrying around trying to find Dart's Nest which like Takk's has a 100% to drop a pet, but this time it's a Darting Hatchling and this guy has been a great selling pet. The main reason why these pets are so good to sell, and why they are "rare" is simply because in order to find them you need to be looking for them. What this means is that you can walk right past them and not notice them because they don't have that sparkling effect like other lootable containers have, but rather you have to find them and click them to get them. If you were wondering how they look like you can see the nest on the image on the left, so it's pretty much like any nest you can see on the map there, with the only difference that you can click these.

   After i am done with this one, i continue down to Thousand Needles, to be more precise i go down to "Plucky" Johnson who is a pet vendor that only sells one type of pet, namely the Ancona Chicken but that's enough. I've made some good gold with this pet as well, as not many people are even bothering to read where it's dropping or where a certain pet can be bought.

   And the last stop on our travels is Ungoro Crater. What we are after in this place is the elusive Ravasaur Matriarch Nest and inside you can find the Ravasaur Hatchling. Reason why this nest is a pain in the butt to find is simply because there are many other nests scattered around there that you can't do anything with. Other then that same deal as the previous pets, prices ranging anywhere from 200-2000g.

   So it's always a good idea to fly around these places and scout around to see if maybe you end up with some free good earning pets.

   If you are still reading, and you like the pet market to make some gold, then you might want to read up on the two previous posts Got No Professions But Need Gold and Gold Pets Continued as they will give you more of an inside on the pet market.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.  

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