Thursday, December 22, 2011

Destruction Tailoring

   Today we are going to give "destruction" tailoring a whirl and see how we can make a profit, or at least grab the helm on a certain market. Before we head out let me explain the term "destruction tailoring". Prior to the patch the Chaos Orbs were BoP, but now they were changed to being BoE which means anyone can take it, but the reason why this is important for us. is that it can actually put a tangible price on Dreamcloth through the crafting of Dream Of Destruction, so hence destruction tailoring.

   With the accessibility of the Dreamcloth for a price we can finally move away from the plan where we could only get a finite number of Dreamcloth per week, before we had to wait for 7 days for the next one. 

   So what this means for us is that we can start thinking about making gold from crafting or even mass producing the items from tailoring. What i mean by this is the BoE patterns we get out of any of the raids as well as the patterns you can buy from the tailoring trainer. This time around though i am not going to get into the whole gear crafting ideas but rather into something that is more fast paced for moving.

   What i'm talking about is the Illusionary Bag as well as the Powerful Ghostly Spellthread. The bag is a good choice because it has a high price, well usually high price unless someone is intentionally bringing it down in which case you can buy him out and dominate the market. The spellthread is another good  choice because it is fairly cheap to manufacture, it requires only one piece of Dreamcloth and it's usually with a nice price tag on it.

   In case you don't have the bag in your crafting list it's because you will need to buy the pattern from your tailoring trainer for the low price of only 1 Dreamcloth, so don't freak out.

   Reasons why i'm not going into how much you can make, is simply because the price varies from server to server, but more importantly it varies from time to time and it can be 10g per chaos orb in the morning and 100g in the evening. But just for the sake of it, on my server i got on and bought 200 chaos orbs for 8g each which was a freaking steal, and then from the same guy bought Embersilk Bolts for 10g per one and that was simply awesome as it brought my crafting price for the bag at some gold short of 900 and i flipped it for about 2500g per bag. But deals like that are very rare to come by, so what you can expect to get is crafting cost of about 1500g and flip for around 2-2.5k which is still not a bad deal.

   Before i head out one last thing, if you happen to have a engineer or a blacksmith that has the patterns from the firelands daily quests it would be a good idea to check out the prices of the weapons that can be made, purely for the reason that there are still people out there that are buying them and their price is still decent to make you some profits.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

   P.S. If you are still reading this good on ya, and if you noticed there are no more of those annoying ads showing up in the posts that show you useless things about things you don't care then you have Nigel and Alto to thank for commenting in the previous post about it. Comments do have their strong points, so much love to those two guys for their input about the matter.


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