Saturday, September 17, 2011

Support Blacksmith

   Blacksmith is one of the primary professions in WoW and a fairly decent profession for making gold. The ideal thing about blacksmithing is that you end up crafting gear and weapons that characters will buy while leveling or twinking their alts or buying items for end game content, and no matter what if you play it right you can earn quite a bit by putting your paws on that market as well.

   As for this post i'll focus on the part of blacksmithing supporting other professions, namely enchanting. Now every novice, prominery or expert enchanter to do his profession needs bunch of enchanting materials which they can get one their own by disenchanting items but they will need the enchanting rods if they want to get into a higher skill enchanting and this is where they need a blacksmith (THIS IS YOU) to help them out (NICE WAY OF SAYING ROB THEM BLIND).

   Now most of the blacksmiths playing on the server will never look back and post enchanting rods on the AH simply because they don't see them as a big earner, and this is why you can profit on this so much. Usually it's one of two or NONE blacksmith doing the rod posting and if the last is the case then prepare yourself for huge earnings. But to make it shorter here's a list of rods as well as suggested prices that i've found out the be the middle ground for Greedy Profit VS Time Needed to Sell.

Silver Rod                             20-50g
Golden Rod                           20-50g
Truesilver Rod                      20-50g
Arcanite Rod                       100-250g
Fel Iron Rod                        100-250g
Adamantite Rod                  100-250g
Eternium Rod                      100-250g
Titanium Rod                      100-250g
Elementium Rod                 100-250g

   Those are some guide lines as for which items you should focus should you decide it's a market you want to cover, but before you decide if it's worth getting in it check your server's AH to see the competition and to make sure that there isn't someone that's constantly keeping the prices down, but even if the prices are low the moment you checked the AH don't forget to check if that is a one time thing that guy has posted them or is he posting them at a regular interval through out the week by checking him out at The Undermine Journal or the European  (EU)The Undermine Journal.

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