Friday, September 30, 2011

The Way Of The Leatherworker

   So you've chosen leather working to be your choice of a weapon to take on the AH PvP with and now you want to know how to use it properly to make a "killing" and let me give you a few pointers of what you should shoot for, well actually now that i see this it sounds like i'm about to give you tips on how to kill people in Quake Arena or Unreal Tournament so i'll stop with the comparing it to killing and get down to the gold facts.

   The tools you will be using will be tactics and particular items you will have to keep an eye out, but even like the image on the left that portraits all the tools that a leatherworker uses (even though you never see your character hammering, or snipping the leather, he still uses them) you will use knowledge of the items and their value to help you make some good amount of gold.

   Before i continue on with telling you ways to cash out by using leather working i would like to let you know that i will try and cover the basics on how to make gold with the profession even at lower levels as well as what you can do when you have maxed you your skill.

   Long time ago, in the pre BoA heirlooms leather working low level items used to be very lucrative seeing as how they were very good choice for people leveling but since the release of the BoA items they are worthless, or so i though for quite some time. What i mean by this is that with the upcoming feature added in the game in Patch 4.3, Transmogrification, some people are actually tapping back in the old leveling crafting sets to look for models for their epic looking gear. Just so you know i wont go into details about which sets to go for because to be honest this is a market that i am just starting out with and i have seen some positive gold income but simply check your crafting option your leather worker has and see how they look like, and if you think it's cool then do try and sell it on the AH, but make sure you put a little ad on the trade channel, something in the line of, [X Item] on the AH, this is your chance to get this epic looking [item] and make everyone turn yellow in envy. Get yours now!

   As a guide line try and do some looking around at the Nightscape armor set, usually there aren't any on the AH and so i managed to sell 5 full sets for 70g for each item in the set and seeing as how there are 5 items that's easy 350g by selling a low level item, so if you have some other full sets check the price on their materials and don't be afraid to experiment.

   Ok one of the basic thing every leather worker can do is take scraps and turn them into leather, well as your skill in leather working increases your profession will allow you to craft a higher level leather by using a smaller number of a lesser level leather. Now the reason why this is important is the fact that leveling leather working requires a lot of  leathers from different level and while people would sell lets say Light Leather is selling at 1g per item while Medium leather is in low supply and it's selling at 10g per item, what this means is that you can buy all the stacks out from the light leather then use your skill and turn them into Medium Leather and get bunch of expensive leathers that usually sell within few days. (The numbers i took were random and do not mean they need to be taken for granted, always check your AH before doing the conversion)

   Now i would like to get down to a more direct approach on what's been a good seller for me particularly and in return to give you a heads up on what to keep your eyes peeled for.

     Bags, bags, bags, these are the best selling items in Cataclysm, Wrath of the Lich King, The Burning Crusade and pretty much Vanilla any why is that, well simple everyone wants a bigger bag so they can fill it with more goodies so they don't have to take that trip to the AH or the vendor every 10 minutes.  

   As a leather worker this can mean only one thing, you have the access to creating an item that is in a high demand by almost all profession driven people because creating the regular bags that we can fill with anything we want is left to the tailors we get to make the bags that are used by leather workers, miners and scribes. If you give it a little bit of a though you will actually think that it's not a good market but if you try it out and see for yourself you will love it, in the continuation i'll post the 3 most profitable bags to craft.

Mammoth Mining Bag - This is the bag that every miner would love to get. This bag has probably made me hundreds of thousands of gold and for a very long time i wondered why people were buying it because i could never understand the need for big bags for mining because i would get bored after 30 minutes but then it hit me. There are people out there that don't mind farming, or they see farming ore as their only way of making gold, but even that wasn't enough until i saw that one of the names of the guy that bought the bag from me had a generic name like qrrsffas and weirdly enough there were 500 stacks of ore posted by someone with the same exact name so that got me thinking that people that bot or even hackers buy those and the fact that the costs for that bag is 8 Heavy Borean Leather which would on a normal day cost about 80g to make i would turn around and sell it for 900g and they would sell and all this due to the very low competition on the servers due to people either not having played the Sons of Hodir quests in WOTLK and acquired the pattern or simply don't want to try out that market thinking that no one would buy it. So if you have a leather worker that's able to craft that bag get to it and start seeing some good profits, if you dont have the pattern then get down to the Sons Of Hodir and do the initial quests just so you can open the vendor from them and get access to the pattern.

Trapper's Traveling Pack - This is the same item like the Mammoth bag but instead of the miners as a pool for your costumers you will be tapping into the leather working guys, and do know that these bags sell quite well and you shouldn't be afraid to give them quite a hefty price as i've sold them anywhere from 500-900g price range and they have sold.

Pack Of Endless Pockets - And last but not least is the bag for all those scribes out there that want to have more glyphs in their bags, and this like the other two bags sell quite well and at the same price.

   So those three little bags should be sold by you at any given time and as for the mats keep an eye out on the AH and when you see that cheap Borean Leather or Heavy Borean Leather on there snag it and use it for your profits.

   Now that we've passed the bags i'd like to tell you about the next items on the list that i've made a killing on, and they are not a big secret or anything but still i rarely see anyone posting them on the AH, like maybe one or two guys that refresh their auctions every 12 hours or so, and the items i'm talking about are the PvP sets. With the patch 4.2 there was an upgrade to the crafted items and their item level was raised to 358 which is enough to give you entrance level resilience so you don't end up feeling like a glass figurine. There are five sets available from which two are actually more profitable then the other two basically because one is sold to Rogues and Feral Druids while the other one is sold to Enhancement Shamans and Hunters, while the other three sets are meant for Elemental Shamans and the other for Boomkins and  Resto Druids  which is a smaller market but still not something to be thrown away. Just as a clarification i'll post the sets with their respectable items so you can see them.

Bloodthirsty Leather This is the one that you end up selling to Rogues and Feral Druids
Bloodthirsty Dragonscale This one is the bread and butter for the hunters and Enc Shamans
Bloodthirsty Charscale This is the one for the Elemental Shamans
Bloodthirsty Wyrmhide And this one is for the resto druids

   Like all the other items don't be afraid to price them quite high, as i've sold them for anywhere from 900-1450g and they have sold, and are still selling on a daily basis.

   So there you have it in a bunch, using your leatherworker to make gold by turning lesser quality leather into higher one for profit, using the AH to get cheap leather that craft it into bags for huge profits or even get into the PvP supplying scene and give the people their PvP gear so they can be well on their way to seed destruction and pain to the enemy, whatever you choose to do know one thing, gold will be coming your way so start planning on what you are gonna spend it.

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