Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Very Basics

OK i know that i said in my first introductory post that all the upcoming posts will be about ways to make gold i'd like to use this post to clarify few of the things that you need to know before you start off on your quest which is to never ever be broke and on the verge of thinking of buying gold from the dubious gold sellers.

  Ok for starters, in the blog i will cover some tactics of how to earn gold by using the auction house for finding deals, i will try and cover the bases on using your professions to make killer profits and i will even cover ways of making gold for the people out there that are emotionally attached to their gathering professions like skinning, herbalism and mining and don't want to drop them.

  All you fine people have to do is simple, keep your minds open for new ideas, don't be afraid to invest gold even when at first it seems that you are gonna go bust, and in case you are one of those people that feel like that using addons in the game is cheating take a shotgun and shoot that feeling in the head.
So to sum it up, you might even call this the intro part two to the blog, if you want to make gold by using my advices you will have to do the following things:
  • Be willing to invest some of your play time into making things that will make you rich
  • Be willing to download, install and use addons that are specifically meant for the Auction House
  • Be willing to invest in some big bags because you will need them so you'll have somewhere to put all that gold that you are gonna get :)

Ok so starting the next post (this time i am positive) we'll see some ways that will help you make some gold if you are struggling down in the gutter.

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