Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello World !

Well as all good things have to start somewhere, i'm guessing this is as good as any other place to start my blog. Here is where i will deal with all the tricks, and tips of making piles of gold in the game that we all love, called World Of Warcraft.
  Seeing how this is my first post i'll simply use it to tell you all something about my WoW life and who i am:

  For starters i've been knee deep in the game since Beta, you know back when hunters could wear plate and warlocks could fear 30 people in AV at the same time. I've played the game through Vanilla, TBC, WOTLK and Cata.

  I played on the US realms on The Scryers server for the first 2 years, and then migrated to the EU realms on the Skullcrusher server. I switched a few guilds there in the start, but then i got into Paranormal and i've been there for the better part of almost 4 years. Through the years i have leveled and played 10 characters, and all the possible professions in the game, and the only thing that hasn't changed in all those expansion packs and guild hopping and character swapping was my interest in the game within the game or better known as the Auction house.

  We all have seen it and have sold our junk and our pride in it, but I like some other people have enjoyed using that aspect of the game to amass huge quantities of gold that we can use for purchasing the other things we might need to make the game more interesting for us.

  But to cut the boring history short, the main reason why i finally decided to make the blog was mainly the huge amount of people asking me how i'm making the huge amounts of gold that i'm making so i wanted to have a place that i can direct people to go and check it out for themselves and prooly use it so they can make some gold as well.

  So since we got the flimsy introductions out of the way hopefully starting the next post we'll start seeing some gold making strategies and tricks.

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