Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Profiting From the Brewfest

   Dear sweet Jesus almost forgot that the brewfest event that happens yearly. As for this event i'll keep it as simple as possible.

   There's mounts of gold to be made from this holiday, and it's quite simple how Tankard O' Terror, that's the BoE mace that drops every year from the bag you get from doing the holiday boss and this year they made it a ilvl 365. So what this means is that during the week there's gonna be huge amounts of supply and they are gonna be dirt cheap but after the event ends for like a month or so when the supply is depleted those weapons are gonna be worth a fortune to many new starting out toons, so go go do those runs of that silly brewfest.

   And one other thing you should know is that every time you kill him you get 20g each, and the time needed to kill him is about 30 sec so if farming kills is your thing this is the place to kill. (BLIZZARD SAW THE ERROR IN THEIR WAYS AND NERFED THE KILL GOLD TO 1g something AFTER 24h)

P.S. If you are by chance on a RP server go and get an Ale while doing it so you are in character, if you are not on a RP server then take a normal beer :)

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