Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trolling for Gold

   Ok this little bit of info i'm willing to share has been one of my dubious, low punches i have used in the past to tailor the prices of a given item to my suiting by using a tactic that's not quite honorable thing, but hey it's cool non the less :).

   I'll try to elaborate a bit as to how this whole thing works. Trolling, yup you heard it right trolling, you know those awful people that dwell in the trade channel and pounce at every chance to turn a perfectly    good working trading channel into a anal, chuck norris, dirge spamming you know the a-holes of every MMO game. I'm guessing right about now you are wondering what do forum trolls have to do with making gold, well read on and you will see.

   Ok to get down to business, i have 10 characters on my server and even though i am always about being creative with names for some reason i decided to make 9 of them start with Vile which kinda blows but then again i had half the wits to name my mailing character something different and that kinda made it all possible to use the following tactic. So what is involved into this tactic is you logging on your character A ( lets call him Ace ), here for instance we are trying to control the price of Pyrite Ore, so you log on with Ace and go on the trade channel, now the following part takes a bit of a imagination as to you'll need to think how to make the people that have the item you need sell it for under price and don't feel cheated.

   What i like to do when i want to achieve this effect is play the troll card, and by that i mean i get on trade and start barking things like. ROFL @ U n00bs for stocking Pyrite Ore now that there's no Epic gems your gold has evaporated and your profit gone. L00$eR$!!!  after a post like this expect some flaming and then some people starting to call you idiot, troll or something in that order, but what we are interested is what in fact is happening on the AH in the Pyrite Ore section. So while half the server is busy calling you an idiot you have the people that have been stockpiling on Pyrite Ore hoping to score big on the gems and didn't get the memo that the epic gems are coming from the new raid are sweating and contrary to the common rule of DON'T FEED THE TROLL they are doing just that but without even knowing by doing exactly what the troll wants them to do. So what you will see is, prior to your trolling prices holding at 70g then 10 min into your trolling you see someone offloading 30 or more stacks of pyrite ore for 50g, 20 min into it you'll see that now there are 4 people posting amongst them selves and undercutting themselves and soon the price goes down to 35g, mind you that 50% decrease in less then half an hour. So what you can do at this point is buy them out or continue on to phase two.

   Phase two is still a bit of a gamble but still very profitable if played right and it requires a bit of some extra trolling. What i have done is post something like. KEK you suckers posting Pyrite Ore for that price? pff coming next week their price is gonna be 10g LOL, good luck selling that crap. Now this is where people either see through the bull crap or ( the majority don't see through it ) they start dropping their price even more and that is where the honey pot is located. I'll take as an example what happened with my server, the prices started at 70g (when i logged in at around 4pm) then i did some trolling by 6pm prices went to 40ish, at around 7pm i decided to go on to phase two, and at that time there were 5 guys posting their ores and undercutting each other, after my phase two, two of them saw through the scam and simply decided to take their ores from the AH while the other three continued going even lower. Needless to say by 11pm the prices plummeted to 19g per stack and that's when i jumped in and bought out about 200 stacks or the ore and the stacks where between 19-21g and emptied out the AH.

   After i got all those stacks i sat on them till about 1:30am (i've found out that the best time to post things for it to be low competition but still a high amount of people is about this time because most of the raiders are gone to sleep but there are many more that are awake) and then i had one of my mates post 20 of the stacks of ore i gave him at 120g per stack, and i undercut him with my 20 stacks on my Ace character for 119g 95s. So right there i've set in stone the price of Pyrite Ore to be normal at 120g for the next guy to comes to the AH and check out the price. So what i do about this time is i log on one of my other characters and start barking in trade something like WTS Pyrite Ore, much cheaper then the AH. More or less in the next 5 min i get 5 whispers asking me about price which i set at 90g, 3 out of 5 will laugh at me and simply tell me too high but those other 2 will be buyers. Last time i had a guy asking me if he buys large quantity will i give him a discount, i said ok for 80g and he bought 200 stacks.

   So right there is the whole essence of the thing, i spent some minimal time trolling the trade channel got the price to go down then bought out about 200 stacks for 20g each and sold them later on that night for 80g which on par means i've made a 60g profit on each stack  so 200 x 60 = 12 000 so there we are basic math says that some good 'ol trolling netted 12k profit without me crafting, or undercutting with anyone about anything, and my only two weapons of choice were the trade channel and the Auction house.


Being this guy, a tricky little annoying bugger will make you gold but if you choose to be the guy below ....

.. yeah this guy. Then my good friend you will not fare well in the WoW universe unless you like time away from WoW in to form of 24h and 72h bans.

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