Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pissed Off, And Then Some

   See this baby on the picture, well he's a level 1 pissed off individual, me on the other hand got to level 10 yesterday and today. The reason for this is not something i did in WoW, or maybe someone even undercut me or cheat me out of a sweet profit, no, the reason for my pissyoffness (not a real word but who cares, it's how i feel) is the streak of bad luck i've had with posting for the last few days. What i mean by this is actually the inability to post.

   What really happened is yesterday i spent about an hour and a half making a very detailed post about a new auctions site that is rising up, gathered all the info, cropped and PS tens of pictures, made some funny remarks, and in general i liked it because it made me happy. Well my happiness came to an abrupt stop, when about one minute away from pressing the post button the power went out. That was a moment just like the ones in the commercials when they end it up the word PRICELESS. But my case was even more amusing when the power came back on and i saw the only thing that was saved in the draft, was the first intro line, and the line stated as following "Settle in a comfy position because this is going to be fun". That was when PRICELESS went to EPIC.

   But enough about that, let me give you the given site information, but this time instead of doing it on my own again, i will simply put out two links to two guys that did a pretty good job covering it. Just so you know the site i'm talking about can be found at  and here are the two posts that did a pretty good job covering it.

   These guys did a pretty good job covering the site so give them both a whirl and see what they think about it.

   Another thing i had written about and is pretty much lost was a think that Kuja kinda made a similar post about. What i mean is the ability to make gold by catering to the needs of the leveling characters, or the twinks in the 79 bracket. Kuja's Post on flipping twink gear is pretty much what i've done for a while, with a bit of a twist where i would go and acquire the gear on my own when i was bored. How i did that was simple, i would take a treasure finding potion, and go do the Embersilk Cloth farming spot, if you don't know about it, read all about it in The Way Of The Farmer post. The reason why this is the best place to do it is because everything you kill is a humanoid and you end up killing a lot of them so good chance at getting greens. When you get items there if they are for level 79 price them at 350g if they are 80 or 81 price them at 250g .. they will sell, eventually.

   So hopefully next time i make a post, i will not have to make it as a repository of links but rather something more in the line of a proper post. Until then a shout out to the guys that did cover those three topics
Xsinthis, Alto and Kuja.


  1. I know how you feel man. I hate when that happens to me too. Gotta try to remember to manually save more just in case.

  2. Vile,

    Not sure about how you have your settings, but bloggers default save as you type it...It's probably somewheres' in your queue, just look around for it. It's there.

    That's the best part about blogs. The "competition". With so many active bloggers, you are bound to run into double posts. It's just like the news on TV. Some are a CNN, others FOX, others BBC (I went into it on a post a while back Alto vs. WoW Blogging). Double posts happen, and it seems the only real harm done is between bloggers. If you don't link love...(you did that above, not all bloggers do that, I appreciate it!).

    Readers, for the most part (other than the 1%'ers), enjoy hearing different points of views on topics and don't mind reading similar posts on two pages. Funny thing with that though is it's normally the 1%'ers that post a shitty comment. It's what we live with.

    Anyways, I got blabbering there. Keep up the good work, and if you ever need anything, holler 'atcha boy.


  3. Yeah i know about the settings with the autosave, but i was kinda tweaking it and forgot to set it back. As for Alto, i know it's ok to have different opinions about the same thing, but i simply couldn't force myself to redo the entire post so i took your awesomeness and linked it :)

  4. Hahaha.

    I am not sure about awesomeness, it was just a quick interview (thanks anyways!).

    I like the wowuction site, it needs a few tweaks, but I think Sasa is going in the right direction with it. I hope to see good things from it if he keeps updating and changing with the times.