Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Potions For The Small Ones

   I won't make this to be one of those long and explanatory posts, this time around i will get down to give you the information about a few potions that turned out to be a real small gold mine. 

   First of all, these potions that i have been selling them for a long time and made some good profits from are  basically catering to the twinks that are hard into PvP.

   First potion that has been a great success for me has been the Free Action Potion. These little potions are the sheer awesomeness of being the unstoppable force for the next 6 seconds, meaning you can't get stunned or have your speed impaired. One other thing you should know about this potion is that if you decide to go for it and sell it you are going after a bigger twink market, meaning this potion is good for it's money up to level 80, but sadly above 80 it's simply not working.

   Another tip i could give you is that it would be a good idea to try and sell these by making some kind of a catchy macro to advertise. If you are looking for an example try  /2 You love playing PvP, love carrying that flag but those interrupts and stuns bringing you down? Well buy a Free Auction Potion and put a stop to it now. On the AH now ! (you could mention that it's only viable till level 80 but if you want to be a devious goblin leave that out of the macro)

   Another two potions that are a good choice is the Lesser Invisibility Potion, and the Invisibility Potion. These two are a good choice for the hard core PvPers that love playing in the low tiers but aren't Rogues. Only drawback with these is that they have a level thresholds where the first one is for level 21-29 twink tier while the second one is for the 31-39 tier. So unlike the Free Action Potion these two are more limiting, so you will need a macro for their sales as well, if you want to make some sales that is.

   Reason why i turned back to the Vanilla time items for things to make gold from is a good story, and i will make a post in the upcoming Spotlight series in a few days.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.


  1. Nice post on the free action potion. But I would like to make some general suggestions on the blog. The blue color (like the tags for sign out, labels, etc) makes it very difficult for reading; suggest a yellow or other color. The words in green highlight all pop open some sort of ads which to me, are awful. I would dump them if possible. Just some suggestions...cheers.

  2. /agree with Nigel.

    I have been skimming the posts lately due to the constant popups (infolinks), and I like reading your content, but those just get in the way.

    I understand they pay per click, and generate income, so it's 100% up to you. If it's making dollahs, then leave it, but I think it's hindering your progression with views.

    Just my two cents,


  3. To be honest i don't like them either. Good to actually know that other people find them annoying. TO HELL WITH THEM !

  4. @Nigel and Alto ... thanks for the input, those green sons of female dogs were on my site from when i started out and didn't really know what i was doing. Anyways now they are gone and are never coming back

  5. didnt realize they didnt work as well at 85, i'd bought a bunch a few months ago, worked ok, but not as i remembered em. any alternatives? i havent seen any. thanks

  6. I don't think there's a valid replacement for it for level 85. If i am wrong and someone has seen or is using something then by all means do share it

  7. Another great potion to add to this list is the swiftness potion. Fairly cheap to make and I seem to sell quite a few of them on bg holiday weekends. I also love snagging the recipe and flipping it for quite a handsome profit

  8. Oh snap, that's the one that makes you run like if you had sprint right ?

    can't belive i missed that one