Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hour Of Twilight Aftermath

    Here we are a day after the patch (or two days for the US readers), and this post is not going to be a long one but rather a patch day aftermath report. Things with this patch were a bit unusual, at least on my server, and the reason for this was that i didn't take into account that alot of people had left the server. ( 3 major raiding guilds transferred away ) Given this information, my profits weren't that high, to top my last patch winnings of 190k. This patch i made 135k in about 6 hours of game time, and the reason for having only 6 hours even with the fact that i had a whole day free, is the universal law that states when everything is right, something will go wrong that will make it all go wrong. In my case, that was the internet connection going down for 2 hours in peek hours. But enough with this, it sounds like i'm making excuses, lets get down to the facts of what was happening and what to expect now.

Here's my MySales sales list taken at 9pm last night, for some reason i didn't make one before i went to bed, so on this one you can see that the sales are hovering at 105823g at that time. From what you can see, 90% of the profits i did are coming from the gem market. Well actually come to think of it on this image you can't see that much about what was selling, but only the gold acquired from the sales. Ok off to the next one where you'll be able to see the most profitable things that i sold and made some gold from.

   On this image, on the right you can see the top earners for this patch for me. Like i said i chose to go full out on the gem market, but did take on a few of the most sold enchants as well. As any patch day, this one was following about the same guidelines. Those guidelines are simple: people get new gear, people want gems for new gear, people want enchants for new gear, goblins make gold from people wanting things. So like i said i chose to go full out on gems for two reasons, first one being that i had all patterns and a stock to hold me for 3 patch days, and second one is that epics got released now so i need to offload the stock i have piled up before it deflates.

   I have a friend that took the other route about making gold on this patch day, he took up the enchanting scrolls and made almost as much as i did. So if you happen to be a enchanter it's still not late to jump in the market, because it's going to be a busy month for us gold makers because everyone will be getting new gear now and gems and enchants will go through the door.

   So that was what i did, and now this is what you should expect to see in the next week up to a month. So if you happen to have a character that can do any of those things you might want to jump in and make some profits.

  • Enchants will have a high demand, so if you are enchanter get to enchanting
  • Gems need will be high so this is the time to get to cutting gems
  • Flasks and Pots will be in high demand so get mixing 
  • Food is a great seller now, people want their food before they jump into instances and raids, so get cooking. A great way to make gold here is with the Fortune Cookies.
  • New Season starts next week, so the need for PvP gear will go up, so get down to crafting some PvP gear. ( This is going to increase the need for enchants and gems again )
  • Sell the belt buckles, everyone will want those so they are and will be a big seller.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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