Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Season, New Possibilities

   One week ago we saw the drop of the patch. That is when all the sales started going haywire, when the demand for gems, enchants and everything in between went up. Well, today is that same day, but on a smaller scale. What i means by this is, we have the start of the new PvP season, which in return means new PvP gear and people starting to do more PvP to get the new gear. Like we all know, new gear requires new enchants and new gems so we should see a big increase in those.

     So this time around make sure you get your crafters shelling out goods to sell. One good thing about the start of the new season besides the new rise in demand for enchants and gems is the rise in new characters in playing PvP, and those characters need a intro level gear so they don't absolutely suck, and get them selves killed in two shots.

    That right there is what you want to focus on. Get that PvP gear out on the market and see how many you end up selling.

   If you have a Leatherworker, Blacksmith or Tailor, make sure you have bought the patterns for the given PvP sets and that you price them relatively high, as an example if the mats cost you 200g price them at 1500g, they will sell no doubt about that.

   If you are a Jewelcrafter, this time around expect a rise in the sales of the PvP gems. So all those gems that are collecting dust in the corners of your bank are going to see some sales today and in the following week.

      This next bit is more focused at the PvP playing community. Namely they have been given the chance to acquire their epic gems that are PvP oriented straight from the PvP vendor, but given the fact that it costs 750 conquest points i don't see them going for them any time soon unless they are playing on an alt and want to make some gold off the insanely high price of the gems now. My guess is that this is Blizzard's way of addressing the crying PvP community that was crying out on the forums, now they have a place where they can go ahead and tell them that there are PvP gems in the game that can be bought.

   So not much else to talk about, except one thing, if you are a PvPer enjoy the new season.

   So, like always, keep your eyes open for good opportunities out there.

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