Saturday, December 3, 2011

Patch Week, The Perfect Time To Sell

   Welcome back ladies and gentle goblins. Today we are going to cover a small thing that if used right can earn your truly awesome profits. From experience, we know that when a new patch hits the sales go haywire, but if that patch brings an end to a season, and start to a new one, then it's a full out sale out.

     Well, this patch happens to be one of those patches, and we all made those awesome profits, but this patch has something that's even better about it.
What i mean by this is, this patch was released on a mid week day when people were at work and didn't all get a chance to play as much as they would want to. Well now we are coming on the weekend, and all those people that were busy working or what not are going to be free and playing. If you happen to be one of those people that were stuck on their work place, or  were busy with something else and didn't get to make the gold you wanted now it the time. So what this means for us is quite simple, SELL SELL SELL.

   I happen to be one of those people that loves to make gold, and on the patch day i tried to surpass my previous record of 200k per day, but kinda failed due to some problems but that's not important i made some awesome amount as well, but what's more important is that the 2nd day of the sales i made half of what i made on the patch day, and the good thing is that now the weekend is starting. So this only means that we get to have 4 consecutive very big sale days so expect to see huge incomes.

   So let's keep it short, and lets get down to what to sell if you missed the previous posts that were made check out The Hour Of Twilight Aftermath post, more precise near the end of the post you will see a list of things to sell, just copy that list and add a few things.

   One of the big, and i do mean big sales has came from selling gear on the AH. Let me clarify, when i say gear i mean visually interesting pieces of gear that in most cases can be obtained by crafting it. Most notably for me at least has been the Nightscape Boots and other boots that have a model that looks like an actual boot. Before i'm misunderstood, when i say actually looks like a boot i mean about how the model looks on a Undead ( This is primarily for Horde ) because a lot of the boot model for Undeads end up looking like slippers. So if you have a character that can craft gear, be it Cloth, Leather, Mail or Plate, make sure you inspect how they appear and see if you like them.

   So a fast recap in short lines of the top sellers that you should be selling :

Gems => Enchants > PvP Gear >Visually Interesting Gear > Food => Flasks, Pots

   And last but not least, if you missed out on the patch day for whatever reason, or didn't make as much as you were hoping to make, then i bid you all good luck and huge profits for this patch weekend.

   So, like always, keep an eye out for good opportunities out there.

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