Monday, December 5, 2011

Two In One, The Faire and Awesomeness

   Before i begin, i want to say that i have never been someone that has been doing the achievements in the game, be it seasonal or event ones. Well today i decided that i want to try out the new Darkmoon Faire, and by gosh it was awesome. The awesomeness didn't come from the the cannon shooting event, or not even from the tonk driving game either, it was from the quests i saw there.

   What i mean by this is, they are not quests per se but they are more of a profession boosts. When you get to the Faire you see a lot of daily quests that will award you tokens that you can exchange for mounts, pets and what not, but no i'm talking about the quests that require you to do some menial thing and you get +5 skill in a given profession. This might not sound like a lot but the best thing is that you can use those +5 skills to get from 520-525 and in certain professions that might end up costing you 2-3k gold.

   So if you have a character that has a profession that doesn't have it's professions maxed out you might want to go to the Faire and take on those quests and get that free boost for your profession leveling. Just so you know there are quests for every profession in the game, starting from cooking, fishing .. all the crafting/gathering professions .. ending with archeology.

   So no point in not going there, go on have fun, and unlike other posts where i tell you ways to make gold, now i'm telling you ways to save gold, so use it wisely.

   Second thing i wanted to show you, is a free version of the Race To World First which is a movie made about the top raiding guilds in WoW and what they are doing in their lives to help them achieve that, so i hope you get to enjoy it as well.

Race to World First from Looking for Group Productions on Vimeo.


  1. And do not forget, the good exp those quests give also, is a win/win situation for your alts. I am using them and abusing.

  2. Sadly i have no more alts to level :( so didn't account to the XP gains.

  3. You were right, the XP gains are great. Nice bit of info i missed out on

  4. Good info and nice input, Berth!